Dakara Boku ha, H ga Dekinai Weekly Update – Episode 11

It wasn’t this bad, but this wasn’t the best episode of Boku H.

The story progressed a little this week, as passing time brings Ryousuke closer to his time of death.  To further fill up the house, his mom returns home and is (obviously) very supportive of Lisara’s efforts to save her son. This brings her into conflict with Tarnia, who is still hanging around bringing everyone down. But Ryousuke’s mom is adamant that Lisara’s got a chance. And that chance goes through Mina, whose power they need to bring out to have a chance.  So to get her together with Ryou-chan, they set up – what else? – a date!

I thought the anime cliche date was executed well in the surreal setting of a deserted world. From the movie theater that was announcing possible cancellations to the stores they had to sneak in and leave money on the counter to buy things, it brought a further air of ludicrousness to the “normal” date. They even met in the park – even though they’re next door neighbors – and had date peepers, as Iria, Quele, and a reluctant Lisara watched the whole thing. And after being shown a wonderful time, pretty much the perfect date, Mina was as ready as she’s ever going to be to confess to Ryousuke, this time with no train in the background to interrupt.

But Ryousuke shows his integrity, even if it means his the end of his life: He can’t lie to Mina and be with her when he loves Lisara. Did his guilt about what has happened to the world play into it? Or is it simply that he has to be true to his love.

This wasn’t the best episode of the series, not by any stretch. While I felt last week’s was very good, with great motion in the story and a lot of funny moments mixed in, this one just didn’t have the same development, almost no humor, and ended with an overlong crying scene at Ryousuke’s deathbed (I rarely find crying in anime to be convincing, and this sure didn’t change that opinion). There also doesn’t seem to be a way out: how are they going to save him?

This episode seemed to be done on the cheap. The animation seemed particularly choppy this time, and they still have that fuzzy overlay on the sides of the picture. Given that there wasn’t much action in this episode, this probably was a good one to save some money on, but it did show, and I just hope that the finale next episode steps that up quite a bit.

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