Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! Final Review [Average]

This show is like Russian Roulette.

Title: Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!
TV Series; 12 Episodes
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School, Harem, Seinen
Produced: Studio Gokumi

The premise of Who is Imouto is just absolutely silly. Is this necessarily a bad thing? No. In fact, if you think about it, the premise of a lot of fiction is just as ridiculous, if not even more so. So what makes Who is Imouto stand out from the rest? Well, that would have to be the “squickiness” of its subject. Despite the strange, perverse (by social standards) attraction certain people seem to have for the incest genre, almost all people who have siblings will tell you that these kinds of feelings just don’t happen. Regardless, we’ll just hand-wave this point as a liberty afforded by fiction. That said, Who is Imouto kind of partially plays it straight with the fact that the main plot of the show is Shougo trying to avoid getting it on with his sister.

I would like to say that the show is just a typical harem anime with an added wrinkle, but unfortunately that’s not the case. And I say “unfortunately” because I didn’t particularly like what they did. That is, the whole thing devolved into a dragged out game of cat-and-mouse. To be fair, I thought the concept trying to find love while dodging incest was fairly novel at first. But when it gets rinsed and repeated over and over again, the punchline starts to lose its effect. I would personally have preferred if the show revealed the identity of the imouto earlier, and then spent the rest of the time focusing on Shougo dealing with his new-found family while still searching for love. Only this time, he would be unhindered by the constant, looming fear of a public scandal. But alas, the show is what it is.

There’s really not much to say in the way of characters, considering the harem aspect of the show. You could summarily describe all the girls as wanting to get in Shougo’s pants, to varying degrees. The most noteworthy harem member, I suppose, would definitely be Konoe. The girl is a regular pervert, and is voiced by Kaori Ishihara to boot. There’s just something about knowing that she is voiced by the same person who did Madoka of Rinne no Lagrange that makes her all the more awesome. Or perhaps, I’m just superimposing an image of Madoka saying and doing the same things in my mind. Now that would be a thing to see, wouldn’t it? But of course, if you haven’t seen Rinne no Lagrange, all of this probably doesn’t mean much to you, so I digress.

None of the other girls really stand out much, so I suppose all I can do is comment on Shougo’s admirable determination to avoid knocking up his sister. Oh wait, there actually is one girl who stands out even more than Konoe. That would be the show’s resident (self-proclaimed) ninja, Ikusu. Aside from the fact that she struts around naked in Shougo’s room, she’s noteworthy because she’s the only one who really does anything useful in the entire show. Also, her naivety regarding “baby making” and the resulting running gag, though a predictable development, was hilarious. My only disappointment is that her true gender was never revealed to the other girls, so she was never officially accepted as a rival (homosexuality is unfortunately still the butt of jokes in anime).

For the most part, Who is Imouto looks fairly normal. Nothing particularly pretty, but no noticeable dips in quality either. There honestly isn’t much to comment in the way of visuals, aside from the delicious cream puffs that we will most likely be fully seeing in the BDs. Hurrah. It’s what we’re all here to see anyway, I’m sure. As for the audio, nothing particularly caught my ear here either. But as usual, a lot of audio “judgement” is personal taste, so you should take this point with a grain of salt.

Who is Imouto is a fairly straight-forward show conceptually, though the same can’t be said for its plot. What you see in the list of genres is what you’ll get. So if you’re looking for a “good time” with lots of boobs and ecchi situations, this is the show to watch. And all the more so if you’re one of those people who particularly enjoys incest (though it was subverted). Don’t worry, no-one’s going to judge you.

Category Score
STORY Below Average

One thought on “Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru! Final Review [Average]

  1. I’ll concur on the Average rating. I’m actually really REALLY surprised they outed the Imouto in the show, I thought it was going to stay open-ended for a shot at another season. But instead we got the imouto now playing goalie, trying to keep the other girls off of Shougo.

    The story really wasn’t anything special, and the way it kept going back and forth got really tiring, so I concur with the “Below Average” Story rating. Some of the characters were good, particularly Konoe and Ikusu, but I found Rinka and Miyabi annoying, and Tendou was just there for lame comic relief. Mei ended up being a non-entity, and they should have made a little better use of the Lyrical Sisters location. Far too much of this show happened in Shougo’s bedroom. Characters gets an Average, with some better and some worse.

    Originality, that gets an Average, as well. I think they could have done better with the Imouto setup, but as it was it felt like an expanded harem comedy version of Onegai Twins. Production was Average also, the show didn’t have any glaring problems, animation was pretty good, and the music was ok. For whatever reason, I found the opening theme catchier as it went along, with that fakey island feel to it, but the squeaky singing voices from StylipS didn’t help (my only other experience with them is from the DxD ED song, which will forever be a favorite for the animation sequence it brings to mind). This all leads to an Average Entertainment and Overall rating.

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