Kokoro Connect Weekly Update – Episode 13

It will be alright Iori…

Iori has always been the wild card of the show. At times she is the cornerstone of strength within the group, pushing them close. She acts as a glue for the Cultural Research Club, holding them together in desperate times. She single handedly corrals both Taichi and Inaba back. But she’s no iron woman. There are times when she wavers. Her tears are beckoned by confusion over friendship, love and her identity. She does her best to subdue the sadness and soldier on through the pain. When Iori is down, we can expect her to bounce right back up, stronger than ever.

This week we finally see her pushed to her breaking point.

There has always been air of mystery surrounding Iori’s past. There were loose details of her mother being involved with a few men in the past. She was seemingly changing step-fathers faster than the seasons . But we never really knew who those men were or why they affected Iori the way they did. There never really seemed to be a concrete reason as to why she assumed different personas for all the people in her life.

These lingering questions finally get an answer. Iori’s second father was an abusive drunkard whom Iori sought to please to protect her mother and herself. His return into his mother’s life turns Iori’s world upside-down. It’s interesting to see her finally confronted with her past, similar to Yui’s and Aoki’s from the last episode, which served as an effective primer. Throwing the audience headfirst into a maelstrom of adolescent emotions can be quite testing, especially with such high-stakes personal issues. It was smart for the show to ease into Iori’s demons by visiting Yui’s and Aoki’s relatively smaller ones.

What’s impressive is how the series was able to develop her as a character here. In the closing moment’s of the episode, Iori begins to question wether she is still in love with Taichi. It can be argued that Iori’s love for Taichi might have been a product of her insecurity. He was a stable force in her life that never failed to answer her doubts. Now that she’s become assured of the decisions she’s made in the past and has become comfortable in her own skin, she doesn’t need Taichi to be the crux of her stability any longer. Maybe she doesn’t need to love him any long either. Interesting developments like this keep this show engrossing.

Nothing really bad about this episode.

It’s going to be a bit of a wait till the final episodes of this series are released. As of now the last few outings will be on a Blu-Ray disk release. I just hate waiting!

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