Hype Machine: Sword Art Online – Episode 12 & 13

It’s been two weeks since we checked into the Hype Machine for Sword Art Online and we have a lot to talk about. Before we get into Yui or discuss the terrible CG, lets see what the Twitterverse has been thinking for these past two weeks! Should be insightful I suppose?

@NettoAzureFunny how #SAO Vol. 10 finished translating this week and #SAO_anime arc ends Saturday.

I wonder if they will make a volume 11… Chances are they are going to milk this franchise for what its worth. Or they’re going to milk Asuna for what she’s worth. That was really dirty… Sorry.

@ToastCrustWhereas when you die in #SAO you DIE FOR REAL, getting married in SAO doesn’t mean you are married for real.

It’s double standards like these that are ruining society… How could they let this sand!

@ToastCrustIn conclusion, #SAO is an emotional and incredibly moving work. I yelled, I cried. And w/ help of doujinshi, I came too.

I am happy for your success. May the tissue be with you!

@thebluecorsairThis seems silly yet cool. I wonder if something like this will exist one day. Curious why it’s called Sword Art Online though.. #SAO

Because Martial Art Online would be too cliche. Sword Arts on the other hand are hipster enough to create a cult following. You don’t really wanna trap anyone useful inside a videogame for the sake of society.

@ultimaweaponx[NSFW] Doujin Rankings: Asuna is the new anime pr0n star http://blog.livedoor.jp/geek/archives/51361604.html #SAO

What the hell! Asuna is doing porn now… She’s moving up incredibly quick in the industry!

@SakuyaFMNO, DAMMIT. “D’awww” is not intense enough to describe #SAO EP12.

How intense is “D’awww” to begin with?

@KrusivI set my expectations for #SAO way too high lol. I was expecting a grueling struggle to survive but instead the MC is mr.perfect in-game.

C’mon a anti-social jerk has to be good at something right? Picking up girls virtually is hardly something to be proud of. 

@kleuren#SAO 12… I… cried… so hard…

Here’s a tissue. If you read a doujin you can put it to work again…

@Ditto_IaMmEthis scene is just.. wow #SAO

I have no words at how desperate she sounds…

I can say right now that Yui stole the hearts of millions. Her child-like charm and disappearing tears were just enough to make your heart melt. I understand that emotions are quite exaggerated when you have been stuck in a videogame for about two years but I don’t think that sort of attachment can develop in a few days. Sure she was kawaii as hell, but she was sleeping for the greater part of that time. Also where did Kirito get his hacking skills from? Seemed a bit too convenient for me.

The follow up was a great return to form. Sure emotions ran high, but wouldn’t yours if your life was on the line. The stakes are higher this time, and the cost is the loss of more high level players. The less there are, the lower the chances are of clearing the game. While the CG in this episode was a bit subpar, the action was still excellent. I love how Sword Art Online can switch gears at the drop of a hat. It makes this show the engaging experience that it is. There is a little bit for everyone. For any fan that was getting bored of the cheesy romance, sink your teeth right in and enjoy the carnage.

8 thoughts on “Hype Machine: Sword Art Online – Episode 12 & 13

  1. There’s condensing a novel into anime form that makes sense and paces the show in a very comfortable way. Then there’s the pacing SAO has. It’s way too fast, and a lot of info is left out.
    The novel will always win when it comes to the amount of detail and delivery, but the anime gives enough memorable moments to those who have not read the novels. It also makes those intense moments in the novel more visual to those who have read them, and in that department, I think Aniplex did a great job.

    • Haha I agree with you. Honestly I wasn’t a fan of Yui, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like the show. But your right, I am glad that the show is offering things like this for people not reading the Light Novel. I like how Aniplex is combining the side stories into the main story though to give it a good flow. I’m just wondering if 10 episodes is enough for a second arc.

  2. Oh wow, I’m surprised at having my tweet used, wasn’t expecting anyone to notice it. Still as I’ve said the amount of deconstruction and criticism the series has gotten is pretty surprising. I, personally, am just happy it got animated in the first place. It’s just very hard IMO to translate the internal monologues that fleshes out SAO’s characters and seriously makes one empathize with them into an anime format of 20-minute episodes. I believe that completely cutting out Asuna’s development in Aria (ep.2) made people not see how important the whole foodie aspect of the show is. (Yeah Linkin’ Park depth my…/a/ >_>)

    As for milking the franchise, I dunno how believable that could be considering the Light novels just started publishing in 2009 plus the web version story was already finished by then. It’s not like other shonen series from SJ I’ve seen which gets what like 500+ episodes? Anime wise yeah, they probably will milk it over, but I personally would buy the merch and DVD’s if it was localized here.

    [Sorry about the TL;DR, just venting xP]

    • Haha it’s fine to vent here! We want people to discuss the show with us. But I don’t think it will be milked like a typical shounen, I am talking more Bakemonogatari, where they’ll plan on animating all the light novels and such just because its making money.

  3. One thing to say about Martial Art Online: it would be MAO.
    Might not be good to relate back to Mao or anything, considering current SinoJapanese relations.

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