Dakara Boku ha, H ga Dekinai Final Review [Average]

If only the whole show looked this pretty.

Episode 12 Discussion

The main parts of Boku H finished up pretty much as expected, with Ryousuke saved, Lisara and Ryousuke becoming a couple, and the world moving on after the apocalypse of the merging of Grimwald and the Human realm. I found the details interesting, tho. That message we saw Ryousuke sending as he came home from his date with Mina was actually an explanation / confession where he admitted he loved her (and that he had stalled at her earlier confession), and if they hadn’t been childhood friends he would have been eager to be her boyfriend and try to make her as happy as he could. For as pervy as Ryousuke could be, it was actually a very touching mail to her, so touching that she totally fell for him, and the strong soul inside her was activated. Meanwhile, Tarnia, being her cold self that we know and dislike, figured “No time like the present” and proceeded to try to collect Ryousuke’s energy, only to be blocked by Gram, still residing within Ryousuke. When she asks Lisara to remove it, Lisara begs for more time, only to be shackled to the floor by Tarnia. This ticks off Iria enough to start a fight, which has the effect of buying the time that they wanted. So after Mina’s soul is activated, Lisara puts her plan into action to save Ryousuke.

Of course it can’t go that smoothly. Ryousuke argues with Lisara about being saved, forcing Lisara to play her trump card: Confessing that she loves him. I liked that she put in a caveat, tho: She loves him, but she doesn’t love his pervertedness. And it’s something that we’ve seen throughout the series: Ryousuke can be a really great guy, serious and attentive, caring and nice. And then he turns into the ero guy, and loses all of that coolness. And you could see Lisara’s reaction through the series as well: as soon as he turns pervy, she gets angry at him. But in the end, she loves him, and even if she couldn’t say it before, because she needed to save him, she says it now.

Lisara shows how much she loves him.

There’s still a surprise left, tho: After being saved, Ryousuke shows the same level of energy as Mina, when he’s happily embracing Lisara. This leads Tarnia to propose that happiness is far more prolific source of energy than they’d had, and gets Merlot to change their tactic, and Grimwald and Humanity start to work together to increase happiness. Certainly can’t disagree with that!

The finale was definitely a step up from episode 11, which was really dull. The trippy sequence of Lisara saving Ryousuke was visually interesting, and gave a bit more interest to the confession while in danger. The animation this episode was also better, less choppy, and more action. I always like an epilogue to a show, and Boku H provided one, giving us a final look at Ryousuke and his harem, since of course things aren’t going perfectly smoothly with Lisara – it’s hard to give up being a perv that quickly. Mina figures that if those two  don’t work as a couple, it’s her chance to step in and grab Ryou-chan. Meanwhile Iria thinks she’ll get a contract with him by appealing directly to his pervy desires and making his wishes come true, leading to the strongest “Life-Jewel” ever.

So let’s get to the series Final Review!

Title: Dakara Boku ha, H ga Dekinai (English: That’s why I can’t do ero)
TV Series; Episodes 12
Genre: Ecchi
Produced: Feel

The story for Boku H is a hit or miss affair. The basic plot is that there is a parallel dimension of reapers who collect energy from people as they die, and use that energy to power their dimension. After a pretty repetitive start to the series, with the first three or four episodes being largely similar while they introduce characters, while pretty facetiously searching for the “Strong Soul” that attracted Lisara to the human world, an actual plot comes in and the remainder of the series is split between the campaign in Grimwald, with a big fight between Ryousuke and Galderbroug, and then the campaign to save Ryousuke from his scheduled death. I did invest in the story, so I found it interesting enough, especially the Galderbroug arc, which brought in some interesting conflicts and betrayals. The saving Ryousuke storyline was interesting enough, although the second to last episode fell pretty flat. Really, tho, the story was enough for this type of show.

I felt like the characters were probably the best part of the show. Visually, Lisara was a great character, with long gorgeous red hair, a fairly severe facial structure, and you have to mention that she had small breasts, especially because the other characters were all larger than she was. But it is a boob anime. The personalities of Lisara and Ryousuke also appealed to me, as Ryousuke was not really the “Pervert with a heart of gold” but more of a “Every girl is to be treasured” attitude, and he really showed spots of integrity throughout the show. Lisara was a fairly straight up tsundere, with a little bit of explanation at the end of the show as to what turns her tsun. That explanation improved my opinion of her, over the normal ‘tsun because she’s embarrassed’ kind of girl.

The other characters, unfortunately, were a step down. Mina was just a nice-girl-next-door, and didn’t really get much of a chance to have any other personality than doting on Ryousuke. Quele was a bit too fair weather about hating Ryousuke then being in love with him, and Iria had some potential, but it really wasn’t realized. But overall, the characters got up to Great, because I really liked Lisara and Ryousuke.

The production for the show was Average. The look of the show was really brought down by the visual effect they used for the Grimwald influence, which added grimy noise to the sides and corners of the screen. The color palette was also pretty dark and muted, making the world pretty grim to look at. If you’re looking for a good looking show to watch for interesting visuals, this isn’t it.

The OP and ED music was fun, especially after they added the ED vignette of Ryousuke trying to nicely make a move on Lisara, starting with a rose. That’s interspersed with some eye candy, the three reaper girls naked, and poses with symbols loosely based on the astrological gender symbols, all set to a catchy poppy song by yozuca*. The OP is fun enough, but the lyrics to the song crack me up.

Overall, I’d rate Dakara Boku ha, H ga Dekinai to be an Average, but on the high side of that rating. It was fun to watch, and had a passable story and a lot of boobs and eye-candy. The show also had some things you rarely see, even in an ecchi anime. For one whole episode, the main girl is topless. And she’s just there, topless: not turning people on, not covering up, just there. And then after she is overpowered by the bad guy, she has persistent scars for two or three episodes before they get purified off in the finale. Again, not made a big deal of, and they don’t shy away from showing her as a turn-on, even with the scars. I thought this really brought the show up, taking the opportunity to NOT shun someone because of scarring. Ryousuke was still in love with her, no matter what.  Overall, it was a fun enough show to watch, especially if you’re looking for a sexy show with some eye candy.

Category Score
STORY Below Average

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