Thought Train: Eureka Seven AO – Episode 22

I really wish this show would stay consistently good.

Just when I thought E7AO might actually break out of its roller-coaster trend, it takes a plunge yet again. The last few episodes were decent enough, but this episode just flushed everything down the drain. So you spend several episodes setting up the world against Generation Bleu (or just Team Pied Piper), and now suddenly everything goes out the window and we have a jack-in-the-IFO as the big bad boss? I generally try not to be this caustic against anything, but when I see something like the below screenshots two minutes into an episode, it really doesn’t help. I honestly thought it would have been interesting to see a serious showdown and resolution between Team Pied Piper and the Allied forces. But nooooo. Instead we get “the one and only Truth”. Man, fuck him and his “truth”. That’s not to say a final showdown between Ao and Truth couldn’t have been arranged (they were practically raring to go at each other for a while now), but some reasonable development would have been nice. If this was the “route” the show was going to take, then just take it from the get-go or at least ease us into it. Don’t randomly switch to it at the last second and keep going as if it were perfectly normal. Are we seriously supposed to accept the turn of events? The way it was done was just far too jarring to be convincing.

Phew. That’s enough of ranting. Despite the horrendous “transition” to the “final boss Truth”, the episode wasn’t a complete disaster. I had always been annoyed with Naru’s sudden transformation into a magical sparkle-fairy, but this episode finally provided some much needed closure between her and Ao. Turns out she just had his best interests in mind, and was only trying to help him out in her own way. It sounds quite romantic “converting” the rest of the world just so Ao can be accepted, but I wonder how much of that was her own conscious decision and how much was her acting on behalf of the Scub Coral to spread its influence further around the world. We know that the coral does have a tendency to just spread everywhere and assimilate things as it goes. Who’s to say she wasn’t just being unconsciously influenced? Or, I suppose if you want to think “positively” it could be argued that it didn’t matter as long as Ao would be “happier”. But even so, there’s one big problem with the whole plan. Did she ever consult Ao as to what he really wanted? How much of it was really just her own desires? Clearly, Ao wasn’t very happy with what she was doing, despite his appreciating the thought.

And then, of course, just as the series leaves for a month-long break, we are at long last introduced to you-know-who. Oh, Bones. You guys are such trolls.

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