Hype Machine: Sword Art Online – Episode 14

Welcome to another week of the Hype Machine! Sword Art Online finally finished it’s first arc of the Aincrad Saga with a fistful of tears! There was action, drama and suspense! What was not to love? More on that later after we take a look at what the Twitterverse thought!

@NouraNamizu: Say something about Fairy Dance again and I’ll chop your head off.#sao

I guess I won’t say anything…

@HermosoTheBella: I wasn’t ready for this no one told me it was the end now I’m actually bawling my eyes out why #sao

I cried too! I say it’s manly to cry! How could it all end like this!

@ChihayaKF: Next time, let’s meet in the real world.Then we’ll be friends, just like we are now. -Kirito- #SAO

How did your last meetup with someone online go? I haven’t personally tried because it scares me shitless!

@SplashdownTiger: For comparison sake, which is better: #SAO or Twilight?

I don’t know why Twilight was brought into the conversation… It is clearly the pinnacle of all human literature… The movies are terrible though!

@ShionKasumiga: What the hell? Kayaba’s defeated that easily? That’s it? Feels like I just watched the finale. #SAO

Kayaba doesn’t know how to design a final boss it seems… I can’t believe he was soloed technically… How anti-climactic. 

@Klashikari#SAO 14 could elaborate some emotional build up but the cheesy presentation in various instances don’t cut it. Kirito last scene especially

Maybe your expectations are just too high! How can any anime with Asuna be bad or cheesy… It can only be sexy!

I really don’t know how I feel about this episode. While I did say that there was action, drama and suspense, it was definitely heavily in favor of the drama. Kirito actually cried! But in all honesty I really didn’t care for it too much. Much of it felt overwrought and suffocated the other aspects of the show that I liked. I mean there was hardly any action in it! Most of the sequences were trimmed down to about a minute, if even that. You would expect that the final battle would at least be a bit more epic.

I understand that a lot of the action is there to only heighten the tension. The series wants us to see how dire each of these conflicts are and in a brief moment you could lose fourteen comrades. That doesn’t mean that the sequences can’t be a bit more grueling and intensive! Maybe I just want to have my cake and eat it to.

With all my negative thoughts aside though, this was a fine end for the arc. It isn’t the finale but it certainly did feel like one. After spending so much time in Aincrad I was a bit sad to see it go. Hell, I think I’m more afraid to see Kirito try and assimilate back into the real world. Too much gaming could do that to you.

Moving forward the show foreshadows a search for Asuna. Considering there are about ten episodes left, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what the show preoccupied itself with. I’ve read some of the spoilers just like everybody else and know that there is another game coming up. I hope that the series takes some time away from the game to focus on the two characters in real life. I think it would add an interesting layer to the show and make it that much more engrossing.

3 thoughts on “Hype Machine: Sword Art Online – Episode 14

  1. Next arc is the ALO arc! Unfortunately, unlike the SAO Arc, the ALO arc does not have such an epic antagonist. In fact, he will just piss the hell out of you. Keep that in mind~

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