Little Busters! – First Impressions

Haters gonna hate.

As I’m sure you’re all aware, there was a great deal of hate and animosity towards this adaptation of Little Busters!. I asked several such “haters” as to their reasons and lurked around relevant forum posts, and I came to the conclusion that the sole reason for the hate was the fact that J.C. Staff is doing this adaptation. Now, it’s undeniable that J.C. Staff has a pretty shaky record (putting it nicely) in terms of adaptations, but I really think it’s excessive to bash on a show that hasn’t even aired yet. If anything, wouldn’t you hope that it does turn out well if you are in fact a fan of the source material?

I personally haven’t played the VN, but I believe that even if I were more “acquainted” with the material, I would not be as bitter as the aforementioned haters. Save the judgement for when the show is over. I always see people who write one episode (or even zero episode) reviews for shows getting ridiculed. And that’s rightly so, because you can’t honestly write a meaningful review with only one episode to work with. Yet, all this excessive hate isn’t equally ridiculed? How is hating on a show before it has aired, and basing that hate on only one factor (ie the studio) any more meaningful than writing a one episode review?

I guess this only goes to show that the internet is a sad, bitter place. Oh wait, we probably all knew that already. In any case, I’ll cut the ranting and move on to the show itself. But first, I would like to get some nomenclature out of the way. Since both the show and the group in the show share the same name, I will be referring to the former with an exclamation mark at the end and the latter without. So is Little Busters! as much a flop as the haters would have us believe? Honestly, I don’t know. There’s only been one episode. But so far it looks pretty good. I found myself greatly amused by the antics of the Little Busters, whether it be compiling sayings or attempting to recruit members for their impromptu baseball team. The VN being developed by Key though, I’m sure things will get serious and perhaps even tear-jerking at moments, so we’d better keep twice the amount of tissue handy for those tears of laughter and tears of sadness.

The first episode mainly consisted of introducing us to the Little Busters. We have the muscle-head Masato, the kendo-guy Kengo, the senpai Kyousuke, the cat-girl Rin, and the MC Riki. On that note, I’m not sure if I would have figured out that Riki is the “main” main character from the first episode if I hadn’t heard that little tidbit from people who have played the VN. The synopsis available on MAL does suggest this as well, but aside from some brief narration from him, it isn’t made immediately apparent that Riki is the guy. The Little Busters are a very close-knit group, but Kyousuke’s upcoming graduation threatens to tear them apart permanently. This is a very understandable concern (I’ve grown apart from some of my high school friends), and seems to be the primary focus of the show. That is, the last hurrah that the Little Busters have before one of them “retires”. Given their eccentricities (particularly Kyousuke), I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble they get into.

I found it a little weird that Riki is voiced by Yui Horie. Well, I find it weird when a female voices a male character in general, unless that character is very young. And Riki isn’t exactly a little kid. But Yui Horie does a nice job anyway, so hopefully I’ll get used to it.

Childish hating on the internet. But that’s quite a normal occurrence, I suppose.

Here, have some screenshots.

One thought on “Little Busters! – First Impressions

  1. To be honest, I don’t really like Horie Yui voicing Riki either. If he MUST be voiced by a girl, then I’d rather they give provide him with a seiyuu which is capable of doing a more ‘man-like’ voice, like Sawashiro Miyuki or Paku Romi. No offence against Horie, I really like her as a seiyuu, but only for girls. :/

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