Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo – First Impressions

I’m really liking this show.

Let’s cut to the chase. Our MC Sorata has a habit of picking up stray cats, which gets him evicted from the “normal” school dorm and lands him a spot in Sakurasou, the dorm for “problem children”. In other words, he now gets to live with a bunch of “colorful” characters ranging from a perverted senpai, a play-boy, a hikikomori, and a couger sensei. Honestly that doesn’t sound too bad. There are worse “problems” out there that people could possibly have. Rounding off the rest of his¬†acquaintances, we have the obligatory bro and the girl who obviously has a crush on him (I’m betting she’s his childhood friend).

So basically we get to see Sorata’s daily struggles to cope with the eccentricities of the people around him. This makes for some very good laughs, which is the show’s strong point so far. I mean, who announces to the world that she looks great when she’s naked?! That’s just crazy! I’m tempted to call the residents of Sakurasou savants, given that they are all gifted in some way, but they don’t really suffer from any “true” disorders. They’re just… Weird. Well, perhaps Mashiro might actually suffer from some sort of learning disorder. As odd as the other residents are, there’s definitely something exceptional about her. The girl can’t even dress herself properly! ¬†Now, I suppose one explanation is that she’s had her every need taken care of by personal servants or something, but her background hasn’t been elaborated upon much so far. All we know is that she is Chihiro’s cousin.

So just what is it that makes me like what I see so far? Well for one, everything looks very pretty and colorful. Only appropriate considering Mashiro’s repeated comments on color, I guess. And there’s just something about the character designs that’s very appealing to me. But of course, I’m not just attracted to the show because of the eye candy. The stuff Sorata gets put through is genuinely hilarious, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how he deals with Mashiro at school. Obviously she’s going to be as high maintenance there as she was at the dorm, except this time there will be other people around to witness the events unfold. Looks like Sorata is going to have his hands full.

Nothing so far.

Same as above, but have some screenshots instead.

5 thoughts on “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo – First Impressions

  1. I enjoyed the first episode of this show. It had a nice feel to it, and while Kirito, er, Sorata is a pretty generic guy (same VA as Kirito from SAO, and uses exactly the same voice), the rest of the cast seems to have the “interesting” parts covered. I also like the conflict that we can see in Sorata: He knows he’s *supposed* to want to get out of Sakurasou, but he’s really not sure he wants to. So he tells Nanami and his bro-friend (did they even name that guy?) that he’s trying to get out, but he’s not really, and maybe even actively sabotaging his efforts (getting more cats, for instance).

    The danger I see for the show is too much helplessness for Mashiro. I’ll buy that she’s pushing Sorata right now, trying to find out what he’s like and how he’ll react, but that behavior will get really old really fast.

  2. I agree with HIghtway. Mashiro’s lazy attitude only has so much comedy or drama potential; thou I am willing to be surprised.
    But what can I say. I loved the first outing of this program. It’s like a moving watercolor painting brought brilliantly to life.
    The only sore thumb for me was the character introductions. To me, they just didn’t fit the rather organic nature of the rest of the design.
    I await more.

  3. JC Staff is a very hit-and-miss studio, most of their misses being light novels. I really, really hope they can pull this off (they’ve been doing a pretty good job this season, actually, with Little Busters! as well), since the original LN is really good.

    • I actually found that the second episode of Little Busters improved my impression of the show; the first outing being rather “meh” for all the build up the VN presented (I am not at all familar with that, BTW). Interesting. When it comes to LN or manga, I am out of the loop (as compared to western fantasy or sci fi adaptations). So I take an adaptation as it’s own creature. As I see this going, it looks like a showdown between the two main ladies. Should have tons of heartbreak to rival Taiga v. Midori.

      • I have no background in any other Japanese media, so I also take the anime as pretty much the sole source. I mean, if they started making animes of Terry Pratchett, Christopher Moore, Robert Heinlein, or Spider Robinson books, I’d be all over the differences, but VN’s, LN’s, and manga, I don’t know anything about.

        BTW, any time they want to make an anime of Discworld, that would be awesome, or any Christopher Moore book, too.

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