K Weekly Update – Episode 2

So the kitten was actually a naked girl?

This was on odd episode to say the least. There was a ton of cat and mouse between the Black Dog and Shiro. It was amusing to say the least and featured some interesting action scenes. It felt like K was just trying to flex it’s animation muscle and boy did it impress. There was a truck ton of special effects dancing about which were pleasing to see. The spacial distortion was particularly well done. Settings were warped and replaced almost seamlessly, which is a staggering achievement in it’s own right.

Also Neko showed her true form. She was actually a naked girl! K shows that it’s not beneath some fan service. Her character seems interesting, having access to magic that the kings and their servants have. I am assuming that she’s removed from such circles and might be the gateway to Shiro having access to powers himself. It’s the typical goddess archetype we’ve seen, where the lead is led to his fate by some sort of arcane or magical female. Jason Campbell talks extensively about these archetypes in his work, and anime heavily leans on them.

Some romance gets hinted at as well. Honestly looking at the opening I thought we might have been in for some yaoi. I’m not against it at all and would have been an interesting twist to the shounen formula. I hope the romances teased here actually get fleshed out as it is a dimension I think this series will need down the line.

I feel like this show is missing something. There wasn’t any substance to this outing. We are introduced to a single new character, but the world isn’t built in any meaningful way. I feel like the second episode of any series should either focus on character or world development. It didn’t really do either of them which was underwhelming. K won’t win any new fans with its current narrative setup.

There is one exception to the rule is comedies. They can use their jokes and gags to help carry an outing and have viewers come back next week for more. The odd thing about K is that it tried really hard to be funny. It infused many slapstick elements to the chase sequences, such as a billboard flying through the air, illusory walls appearing from thin air and a giant cat beast wreaking havoc for an anti-climatic  second. Sure I laughed, but I wanted something more. presents us with a surprisingly intriguing cast and interesting set up, but both elements were mysteriously absent.


I really hope that can get the ball rolling next week. If it can bring its interesting threads together to make an engrossing piece of entertainment, then it will truly be memorable. I don’t want it to ride the coattails of its fantastic production. I was afraid that the story would become an afterthought, when the series producers spent so much effort in creating something beautiful. This episode just reinforced my worries, but I won’t count out yet.

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