OniAi Weekly Update – Episode 2

Guhehe… *pants*

This episode, we finally get to see how Akito deals with Akiko at school. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t work out very well for him. I can’t blame people for finding it hard to approach the guy when his sister is constantly hovering around him, drooling (guhehe). What I didn’t expect, however, were the “difficulties” Akito faced with the rest of the harem. First, we have Ana pestering him about a picnic. Akito pointed out that it was starting to get too cloudy for a picnic, yet later it seemed nice enough for him to eat Gin’s cookies outside. I’m not sure if this was just an inconsistency, convenient weather, or just Akito trying to avoid Ana. In any case, I must have a thing for “quiet” characters, because I still like Ana for some reason. Sure, she recycles the act from the first episode about her name, but there’s still something about the dissonance between her calm voice and the inflammatory remarks she makes that I find really entertaining.

Then we have Gin, who is revealed to be Akito’s childhood friend (at least they know each other well enough to get into petty arguments). We already know she has feelings for him since she’s a member of the harem, but for her to move all the way to Akito’s new school just to be with him is some serious dedication. And he didn’t even tell her about the move, so she must have made an effort to find out about his whereabouts. Or she could just be a stalker, but I’m hoping that’s not the case. Rounding off the last of the haremettes, we have Arashi, who continues to be a storm. Ok, that wasn’t very witty. But boy, does she enjoy teasing Akito. It seems she at least has more common sense than Akiko, however, as she points out that Akito may not be making any friends because of Akiko hogging him for herself.

So how does this episode compare to the last? To quote Nichibros, Akiko’s mind continues to throw off gravity. The girl seems to have it in her head that every time Akito so much as looks her way, he is imagining ravishing her. I honestly wonder if she’s constantly aroused from her delusions, since she keeps inviting Akito to “take” her. In any case, the revelation that Akito is writing incest novels as a “side job” was an interesting one. It’ll obviously come back to bite him once Akiko finds out (it’s going to happen), but I wonder just why he chose that genre. Was it simply Akiko rubbing off on him? Or perhaps it’s his way of venting the stress that builds up from dealing with Akiko’s delusions? I guess we’ll find out when Akiko inevitably finds out about it and confronts him.

As for the “setup” of the show, I’m actually pretty content with how it’s been so far. OniAi has been fairly formulaic, with the haremettes taking turns attempting to get a reaction out of Akito, only to get firmly rebuffed. Then they all come together and boast about how much “progress” they’ve made, while making misleading comments that only further embarrass the poor fellow. Sure, some of the gags may start getting old (such as Ana’s hole), but I’m sure they’ll start taking things up a notch or switching things up a bit to make up for it. Overall, I’d say OniAi continues to do pretty well. It can’t pull this same “level” of events off forever, though, but there’s still plenty of time for development.

Jokes start getting a little old. I’m sure some people also find Akiko increasingly annoying, but I just can’t get enough of her crazy delusions. It’s hilarious hearing the things she comes up with.

The show still hasn’t done anything that warrants being in this section yet.

One thought on “OniAi Weekly Update – Episode 2

  1. The show’s been enjoyable enough, but I didn’t like this episode nearly as much as the first one. I worry, like you, that the jokes will start getting old. I am also hoping to see more girl-vs-girl competition, rather than just everyone trying to get Akito to go with them. Yes, they argue about it with each other, but even their arguments are still focused at Akito, not each other.

    To compare it to another show that I recently watched, Kanokon, I liked how that show mixed it up between both Chizuru and Nozomu fighting for Kouta’s attention and then cooperating to get Kouta to go after one or the other of them. I almost think that’s what this show needs: Akito is so hardened against all of them right now, they need to work together to get him interested in girls at all.

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