Little Busters! Weekly Update – Episode 2

By the power of friendship!

Little Busters! continues to amuse me. The air-headed Komari is one thing, but the “rivalry” between Masato and Kengo is always hilarious to watch. To think that an all-out “brawl” could ensue from something as insignificant as a little fly. Sometimes I wonder who is sillier; Masato for being the stupid muscle-head, or Kengo for playing along with things. Just take a look at what happened this episode. Masato knocks a fly out of the air and into Kengo’s miso, and yet Masato is the one who gets upset? That was just hilarious. And the best part was how Kengo accepted Masato’s “challenge” without batting an eye. I guess those two are just the baka-combo of the group.

We are also introduced to Komari, but unfortunately I don’t find her nearly as fascinating as the rest of the Little Busters so far. She’s got all the makings of a stereotypical dojikko, and all of us have probably seen our share of those. She lacks common sense (though the same can be said for other members of LB) and is absurdly frail. And of course, she has mastered the art of tripping over nothing. Despite her cuteness, I just don’t see anything going for her at the moment. But of course, that’s not to say that I’m turned off because of her cuteness. Thumbing your nose at all things “moe” just makes you look like the snobby elitist that you are. My problem with Komari is that she just has nothing but her cuteness to redeem her. Let’s hope this changes.

As for the regular bunch, we start to see some more “serious” aspects to them, which is a nice contrast to the definitely lighthearted feel of the show. We first learn that Rin is extremely shy and has problems interacting with strangers normally. The timing of this revelation is pretty well done, as it helps explain the events of last episode. I originally thought she was just playing along with the silly instructions she was given for recruiting people, but her lack of ability to interact with others really puts her easy acceptance of such questionable “approaches” in perspective. This shyness also contrasts greatly with the spunk she can display towards certain “dimwitted” members of the close-knit friends. I’m sure the group (or at least Rikki) will make some effort to “cure” her of this problem.

And then we have Rikki’s narcolepsy. It’s undeniable that narcolepsy can be a very serious condition and should not be taken lightly, but unfortunately my first “experience” with narcolepsy was of a video depicting a sheep abruptly falling asleep in a comical manner. Of course, there’s nothing funny about Rikki’s bouts of sleep, but I could never think about narcolepsy with a straight face after watching that video. Perhaps LB! will change that. We know that Rikki had lost his parents at a very young age and was extremely depressed for a while, so I wonder if that might be the cause of his narcolepsy. In any case, he’s lucky to have such a close group of friends he can rely on, because it’s obviously dangerous to fall asleep abruptly in the middle of something.

Looks like the recruiting spree will continue next week with a “perfect” girl, as the preview suggests.

I can’t find much to complain about so far, so J.C. Staff continues to do a solid job with the adaptation. And I sincerely hope it stays this way.

The “Ugly” section should really be renamed to the “Screenshots” section. Or at least, we should make a section banner just for that. Just sayin’.

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