Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Weekly Update – Episode 3

Shizuku moves right to taking Haru home!

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun ¬†brought another amusing episode this week, and this time we get to see more of the gang together. After Sasayan brings Nagoya (the rooster) back to school, Haru and Asako convince the teacher to ask permission to keep Nagoya on the school grounds, which they amazingly give, so the whole gang takes Sunday to build a chicken coop. This leads to a run-in with Haru’s old ‘friends’ (who are buying spray paint for graffiti) at the hardware store, and a misunderstanding based fight and run-away. Later, they drop by Haru’s arcade-home and explain that they just wanted to talk and make up with Haru, and Shizuku manages to turn this into making them help with the chicken coop, which gets done with everyone’s help. As the group is breaking up, Sasayan and Asako go one direction, and even though Shizuku says Haru doesn’t need to walk with her, he does anyway, bringing us to another scene on the same steps as the first episode.

Decides she was lying.

Remember the end of the last episode? When Shizuku smiled at Haru and said “I like you.” Well, picking right up from that at the beginning of this episode she… completely chickens out and says she was lying. Whuuuuu?!?!?! No way! And then after rightfully pointing out how brutal that is, Haru says “Well, that makes me feel better”. Arrrrgh, what is going on here?! #shoujofrustration

Anyway, this leads to Shizuku doubting herself throughout the entire episode, wondering how Haru feels about her and wondering how she really feels about Haru. And as we get back to the steps, as Haru talks about how he’s been happy and felt like he’s had good luck since he met her, she finally can’t hold it in any longer, and really confesses, for real this time. He’s worn her down, he’s made her fall in love with him, and even if he doesn’t love her, she’s going to say it. And in his most mature moment yet, Haru tells her that he is afraid his love is different from hers, and that she’d leave him if she realized it. So she proposes a solution: She’ll leave it at that, and wait for him to fall in love with her.

Content with her solution

And this is immediately tested, as Haru gets a warning email that “Yuzan” is coming, which leads Haru to ask if they can find a place for the night. Being a typical loner girl, the only place that Shizuku knows is home, so she takes him there, to the shock of her dad, and later her own shock. She never responded to her dad walking around in his underwear like that! She makes him some food, and gets a blush out of Haru at her treating him so nicely.

She gets annoyed when he puts his shirt on…

So where will their relationship go? Haru said that he’s physically attracted to her, and hinted that maybe there wasn’t as much emotional love there, while Shizuku was kind of the opposite, but she definitely has a reaction to Haru topless in her house, and tries to peek another look. Will they both close in on both kinds of love?

The bad was Shizuku’s fakeout confession from the end of last episode. Boooooo! She totally chickened out, and said she didn’t mean it. But she does confess to him for real later, and goes even farther, saying she’ll wait for him to fall in love with her, too.

Starting off badly

While he’s not an ugly character, this Yuzan guy seems a bit ugly. From the looks of it, he’s Haru’s brother, and he looks like a tough. Maybe he bullies Haru, or extorts money out of him, or maybe he just makes him feel guilty about their parents or something. ¬†What’s his secret going to be? And what will it mean for Shizuku?

3 thoughts on “Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Weekly Update – Episode 3

  1. I love Yuzan, he’s so cute. Arrghhh, they’re following the manga somewhat I’m so happy. They portray Haru’s character too well (TooinlovewithHarucan’tstophalp).

    • I haven’t read the manga (I really haven’t read any manga, and I prefer the action medium (movies or anime) to be my introduction to stories), so I can’t really comment, but I do really like the direction Haru’s been taking. He’s gotten a lot calmer, and seems to deal with Shizuku and other people a lot better now.

      Thanks for commenting!

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