Girls und Panzer Weekly Update – Episode 2

What the heck is this show? Funny, that’s what it is!

What wasn’t good?! I haven’t laughed so hard at a TV show in a long time. I don’t know if it was just me, but nearly everything about this episode made me laugh. From the 80’s teen movie setup to the calm assurances of a good-looking instructor to the new girl hiding behind a tree to the different teams ways of describing things, it was all hilarious. Sure, you have to keep in mind the mantra from last week – “Just go with it…” – but if you do that, you’re golden.

Finally enough tanks

First, I liked how it picked right up from the end of last episode.  They have one tank, but 21 girls. So they need 5 tanks.  Hmm, they’ve gotta be around here somewhere, because they used to have a program. So the groups go out and search for them. As Miho, Saori, and Hana are going to search for a tank, Miho notices someone hiding behind a tree, so she starts to walk away, and when the girl comes out to follow them, she turns and asks if she wants to join the group. And then there were four! The newcomer, Yukari Akiyama, is something of a Sensha-do fangirl, and already knows about Miho by family reputation, to Miho’s chagrin.  So they follow Hana’s nose to another tank, while the rest of the teams each find a tank as well, leading to the 5 they’ll need for the program.

The antics of the girls were the highlight this time, from everyone’s different methods of learning to drive a tank (with special mention going to the geeky girl group, who post on the internet “How do I drive a tank” and receive typical internet troll responses: “You’ll have to tell us what kind of tank it is before we can help you” “google it, noob” and “First you take off all your clothes…”) to the funny references made by the Multi-Warrior Group when cleaning, like “The flooding of Takamatsu Castle” and “Crossing the Rubicon”

“Apologize to the Finnish!”

The 80’s Teen Movie vibe I’m talking about is where complete novices have to find broken tanks in the woods and then clean them up and have a beautiful brand-new looking tank a day later and then are immediately able to learn to drive a tank.  Hey, it wasn’t too tough for Lane Meyer to fix his Camaro, right? Or for Hoops McCann to figure out how to win the sailing regatta, right?  (Yeah, I watched a lot of 80’s teen movies with John Cusack, but I WAS a teen in the 80’s, so nyah) And these girls learn quickly, although Hana does almost back through the back of the garage, but just manages to stop in time. Everyone has their learning curve, and each team adds its own flavor to how they describe things (like the Volleyball team’s “Back Toss!” when they crash into a tree). And they get thrown right into a battle, and of course everyone wants to take out the Panzer IV, with Miho on board. But as they’re fleeing, they’re heading right for Mako Reizei (the tired, always late girl that Miho helped earlier in the day). Look Out! What will happen to Mako? The OP and ED seem to give it away, but we’ll find out next week.

We gotta wait until next week?!?!

Speaking of that OP – Dreamriser – and ED – Enter Enter MISSION –  this week we got both. The songs both fit the show, poppy and inspirational, nothing too heavy. The OP animation shows scenes probably from the show to come, while the ED is a pretty simple chibi-tank with our chibi-protagonists bouncing along various scenery. Probably not going to be my favorite songs ever, but might get some listens, especially Dreamriser.

The bad is that this episode ended, and I have to wait a week for another one! I truly can’t believe how much I enjoyed this episode.

Last week’s ugly was the CG animation, especially the texturing at the beginning. Well, the tanks are still mostly CG, but I found their motion to be pretty believable (although the biggest problem with CG anytime is that the motion is much more realistic than the rest of the animation in the show). It fit well enough this week, and there were no more of those ultra-busy textures to screw up. And they really get the rocking and auxiliary motion of the tank done well, from the catenary bouncing of the tracks between the return wheels to the bouncing of the road wheels and the squat and lean when it starts moving. So, much better for the CG this week!

2 thoughts on “Girls und Panzer Weekly Update – Episode 2

  1. I know how you feel about, “The Bad, Highway. I say, “What, another week to wait for more Tank Loli’s?!”

    …and DAT Instructor. Just come in, wreck the place, and put a bunch of girls in armed tanks and tell them to just go with it. Just go with it.

    How do I drive tank? The internet is telling you to take your clothes off. Your question is irrelevant….

    • I tried to make a gif of the instructor’s arrival, and the seitokaichou’s reaction (best reaction in the show so far), but it was just too big – 180 frames, 8 MB, and too dithered up. But that was totally awesome.

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