Jormungand: Perfect Order Weekly Update – Episode 2

Things are about to go down…

This was definitely the hype episode. Every facet of it is building up to the epic confrontation between Koko and Hex. While Hex has been a relatively new villain in the Jormungand gallery of baddies, she’s probably had the most development. It rectifies one of the issues with the first series, where none of the antagonists got much development outside a handful of flashbacks. As a result many of them didn’t have much depth and simply became moving targets for Ms.Hekmatyr and crew.

Hex has a story and actually feels like a person. Much of the depth in her character is betrayed subtlety, as we see the changes in her from a hardened warrior to a vicious matriarch. It can be inferred that it was a compounding of the circumstances in her life, from the disbanding of her special ops squad and the death of her fiance to her confrontations in the Middle East. By weaving these facts together a grim picture of her life begins to form. It becomes very easy to relate with her, and isn’t the demoness she was made out to be in the first episode. I’m enjoying her character very much and I hope she doesn’t get discarded in the long run.

Koko also gets so much needed tender loving care. The series flashes back to a warzone where Echo, one of her old bodyguards, is killed. He’s the one that tells her to keep smiling because she’s a leader of soldiers. It would be unbecoming of her to do otherwise. Many of the apprehensions I had about her truly caring about her men and women disappeared with that scene. At times it’s easy to think it’s a front to maintain the loyalty of those around her, but she is in reality a very compassionate person.

I missed the fact there wasn’t any action in this episode. This series has generally been very good and mixing narrative with bloodshed. It’s a very small gripe and it definitely comes from the fact I am spoiled. I want to have my cake and eat it too. Hopefully there are a few more explosions next week to keep me entertained.

There nothing ugly with this series except for what might happen next episode. Hex has loaded up thousands of round of ammo to take out something important to Koko. The show hints at it being Jonah, but I know that the wily witch might have some trick up her sleeve. I think the series might be prepping to go on the most emotional ride it has ever been on. I’m just hoping it doesn’t add an unwanted element into this show’s already proven formula.

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