Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Weekly Update – Episode 2

Hnnnng fuel.

Oh man. Mashiro sure can say the darnedest things without batting an eye. “Sorata is my first boy”? How much more misleading can you possibly get? It almost makes me wonder if she’s doing it on purpose at times, but with the way she corrects her “mistakes” after being berated by Sorata, I get the feeling that she really is a master of¬†unknowingly¬†creating awkward moments. We also learn that Mashiro knows the “rules” of society just about as well as she knows how to take care of herself. See something you like at the store? Why not eat it on the spot? And then you might as well offer another one to your friend, all this while in front of a store employee. I’m sure nothing could go wrong. But in all honesty, this lack of societal knowledge is less worrisome than not knowing how to care for yourself. I can easily picture someone who just doesn’t go out, but it’s hard to imagine someone who hasn’t learned the very basics even just from observation.

We also get to see more of Nanami, who turns out to be yet another tsundere. Despite the “generic-ness” of such a character personality, Nanami stands out because of her Kansai accent “tell”, which makes for some hilarious moments when she notices and tries to hide it. By now, it’s pretty much impossible to not realize that she definitely has a thing for Sorata. Well, maybe not if you’re like Sorata. Which brings me to one point that did annoy me a bit. Sorata was savvy enough to get Mashiro to correct the misunderstanding she created, yet his later exchange with Nanami seems to suggest that he isn’t aware of her feelings. I thought that he might be aware of them from her reactions to the misunderstanding, but it seems he really will play the “dense” anime male lead. That doesn’t ruin his character altogether, but I feel like it would have been a nice touch.

Rounding off the rest of the episode, we learn that Misaki and Jin are childhood friends. And it seems fairly obvious that Misaki has feelings for Jin, despite her general perverseness. In fact, it’s this perverseness that seems to hide her true feelings from Jin, as he’s “rejected” her every time she’s done something for his birthday. Given how he sleeps around with so many random women though, I can’t help but wonder if Misaki’s behavior is a result of frustration over his behavior and lack of attention to her. If that’s the case, then I’d say her strategy is backfiring a little. Finally, we learn that Mashiro was actually a world-famous painter. It’s suggested that she wasn’t happy with this “path”, so she decided to try her hand at drawing manga. This revelation resonated with Sorata’s own indecision about his future, but I wonder if Mashiro really is as similar to him as he thinks she is. It looks like she’s pretty set on drawing manga now to me. Or perhaps Sorata is taking inspiration from her to find his own calling? I guess we’ll find out next time.

Some of the background in certain scenes looked a little… Sketchy. Look at that bush behind Mashiro in one of the full-length images below, for example. This is just a minor grievance, though, and doesn’t ruin the show.

Nothing ugly here. Only pictures of cute girls. Oh, and I also made a full-length image of semi-naked Sorata just for the girls. Enjoy.

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