Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Weekly Update – Episode 3

Hooray, it’s another episode of Chuu2Koi!

The focus of this week’s episode of Chuu2Koi is Rikka’s establishment of a base of operations, er, trying to make a club for her efforts to reach the Unseen Horizon. Of course, Yuuta gets dragged along, because he just goes along with what Rikka does, for whatever reason, even though he’s adamant he’s not going to join. It’s kind of tough to figure out at this point what Yuuta’s motivation for hanging out with Rikka is. My guess is that it’s a combination of him not really wanting to break from his past chuunibyou as much as he thinks, and I think he actually likes Rikka’s attention (let’s face it, what 16 year old boy doesn’t like attention from a girl, even a slightly weird one?).  There might also be a bit of responsibility he feels, that he needs to keep Rikka in check, or keep her from hurting herself or others. But whatever the reasons, he’s almost a constant companion of hers. He even falls for the “Say Ahhhh!” game, eating some of Rikka’s rice that had been ‘tainted’ by the tomatoes Tooka had put in her bento, leading the rest of the class to give them that knowing look, and immediately mortifying Yuuta.


This episode becomes the standard “starting a club” story, where they need to get a certain number of members to get recognition, etc. Anyone who’s watched high school-based anime has seen this more than once. So Rikka holds a recruitment drive for her “Oriental Magick Society”, but isn’t having much luck getting anyone interested. Soon they’re joined by Kumin-senpai, who wants to start her own club, based on taking naps. Deciding to join the people she finds fun, Kumin joins the newly renamed “Oriental Magick and Slumber Society” and promptly takes a nap.

Kumin’s still cute as the dickens

But the recruitment still isn’t going anywhere, so Rikka calls in the next member of the cast: “Wielder of the Mjolnir Hammer, Dekomori Sanae!” A middle schooler (at the affiliated school) who is inflicted with Chuunibyou at least as much as Rikka is, she’s all in with Rikka’s efforts. She also has a nifty hairstyle, with long twin-tails with weighted ends (this probably has a name, but I have no idea what it could be) which is her “Mjolnir Hammer”. A cute concept, and even cuter is that it frequently gets her in trouble. She joins the group to add to their numbers, and that’s enough, along with some hard work in cleaning out an old classroom, to convince the teacher to let them make at least a hobby group while they look for another member to make it a club.

Shinka’s surprise!

But the biggest surprise for Yuuta comes the next day. After he’s told Rikka he’s not joining, and also disavowing it to Isshiki, Shinka Nibutani – the same girl that keeps appearing in Yuuta’s dreams, the same girl that was voted number one by all the boys in the class, the same girl who gave Yuuta a wave and hello during cheerleading tryouts – has decided that she’s going to join the group he’s in (well, now he’s definitely going to be in it!). In celebration, Rikka further adds to the name of the Oriental Magick and Napping Society in Summer. So what will happen in their club now? And why is Shinka (森夏) joining?

In addition to the main story was the customary fun bits, frequently centered around Sanae, whose earnestness and dedication to Rikka is very endearing. But she’s not just a toady: she challenges Rikka to battle to see if she is still worthy to be her master, giving an excuse for us to be pulled once again in to the battle space of their imaginations. It was even heightened by her Star Trek-esque drama music. Her scene pulling out the book and putting on the thick glasses presented a really funny image as well.

It’s not really ‘bad’, but this episode just didn’t make me laugh as much as the last one. It was still really good and funny, just a little letdown from Episode two, and that’s probably because I really love Tooka’s character. She did make an appearance in name, tho, as she prepares Rikka’s lunch for her (including the “red fruit” that “drains her mana” and may even contain “demon seeds”).

Hmm, what was that look that Shinka was giving the group as they broke up for the day after being granted hobby group status? Hiding in the bushes even? And then she joins the club? Maybe she’s an agent of the Adminstration Bureau! Anyway, here’s another Dekomori gif!

2 thoughts on “Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Weekly Update – Episode 3

    • You can’t take them all, then we won’t have a story! I don’t know how much story there will be anyway, since this series seems a lot more slice-of-life K-On style than storyline Haruhi / Hyouka style. Not that I mind, K-On is one of my favorite series.

      Plus, if you’re going to take the girls, at least leave Kumin!

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