Magi Weekly Update – Episode 3

Dungeon Clear! Level Up!

Magi was a lot of fun yet again, weaving a bunch of character development and action. While none of the sequences had the bang of the last episode, there were enough revelations to keep this outing interesting. Aladdin is a Magi, a magic user whose duty is to choose the next king. Dungeons serve as a test for finding the next king, where Magi aide the person they have selected to clear it. None of this has really sunk in for any of the cast members, but then again they’re preoccupied by bountiful bags of gold they have found.

Some people might complain that Aladdin can’t grasp of the simple concepts the genie’s are trying to teach of him of his role. Quite honestly, it’s understandable considering his age. He’s a young child with a very high emotional quotient.It’s natural for him to better understand people than to worry about justice and duty. He’s just trying to have a bit of fun.

I’m glad Aladdin is going to receive some alone time to find himself. We’ve seen him and Ali Baba connected at the hip since the first episode, so some soul searching for the two of them will help progress their characters by leaps and bound. Morgiana is still a giant question mark in terms of her involvement in the series. I might just read some of the manga to spoil myself, but she seems to be a wild card. Her involvement with the lord hasn’t been fully divulged but I am curious as to why she’s was so staunch on protecting him.

All in all, the series is shaping up fantastically. I’m looking forward to it down the line to see what adventures the three go on. From the opening sequence alone we know their travels won’t be isolated to the Middle Eastern region. I wonder how all these elements will interplay with one another and if this series can fit  a great story into it’s allotted time. That’s usually the problem with adapting manga that are as expansive as Magi into a fall television slot.

At times the story does seem to jump from place to place.  No one really wants to see a crooked lord travel through a necropolis with a burnt slave, just to reach the final confrontation with hero. But still the effect is a bit jarring to see him appear out of nowhere all the time. If it’s done to conserve time, then I am all for it. But the breakneck pacing does have it’s consequences though. It felt like completing the first dungeon wasn’t that large of an ordeal, where it should be a milestone for the characters. In my opinion another episode in it’s deadly corridors would have been appropriate to help reinforce the enormity of their achievement.

A sorcerer in black has appeared and he’s quite the bishounen indeed. There is a bit of mystery around him, which is a good thing, but I really hope he’s a better antagonist than the lord. He just ended up sounding like a whiny little child that didn’t really get anything accomplished. The calm and cool he displayed in the debut completely evaporated. I guess you can’t expect much from the first boss can you?

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