OniAi Weekly Update – Episode 3

Hear that? That’s the sound of an imouto breaking.

So OniAi decides to take a moment to focus primarily on one girl. This can only go on for so long (specifically two more episodes) before they run out of girls and have to change things up, introduce new girls, or even just have repetition. Most likely though, they’ll just “change things up” by returning to the previous harem free-for-all format that we’ve seen. Not that this is a bad thing. In any case, this episode was all about Ana. It turns out that Ana is an ojou who had everything taken care of by butlers and maids. Of course, this means that she has no idea how to do any housework. At this point, I’m sure a lot of us are starting to think “wait, she’s just like Mashiro of Sakurasou!” And it’s easy to make the comparison. They both moved from a foreign country, they both speak in a quiet voice and repeat things, and they both don’t know how to take care of themselves. Heck, both of them even have blond hair.

But of course, it’s not as if Ana and Mashiro are exact clones. While Ana does speak in a quiet voice, she’s anything but quiet. And more importantly, while Mashiro doesn’t know how to do just about anything, Ana is only ignorant about housework. The closest she ever came to Mashiro-levels so far was when she asked Akito to open her door for her, but I’m pretty sure she was only “playing” with him there. On that note, I find it a little difficult to classify Ana’s character. Her quiet intonation immediately suggests kuudere, but she isn’t exactly emotionless on the surface. In fact, her interactions with Akito during the unpacking scene suggest that she might be tsundere as well. If you think about it, the “hole joke” she keeps cracking (which is still funny because Akito keeps walking into it) might be a sign of this. That is, she wants Akito to call her by her “pet name”, but has to immediately rebuff him when he does so. Or maybe that’s just her┬ámischievous┬ábehavior at play again. Whatever the case, she’s still my favorite harem-ette.

Let us not forget about the “star” of the show, however. As much as this episode was centered on Ana, the entire series is focused on Akiko (heck, just look at the name of the show). And boy did Akiko shine in this episode. First we have her confusing logic about panties. Apparently it’s only alright for Akito to look at them if she’s wearing them? I must say I was just as confused as Akito, but then Akiko does have a tendency to spout nonsense, so this isn’t too surprising. Her best part this episode, however, has to be the lunch scene. I only recently discovered that Akiko’s VA is only 14 years old (this being her first role), and I have to give her credit. She sure did a great job here. The transition from the lovey-dovey “open wide” ahh to the annoyed “don’t interrupt us” ahh, and then to the 20 second, screaming “broken imouto” ahh was just pure gold. It’s really impressive to think that such a wide range of, uhh, noises could come from such a young and inexperienced(?) VA.

From the preview, it looks like next episode will be a Gin episode. Will OniAi be able to keep up the level of entertainment from this episode? I sure hope so, but we’ll have to wait to find out.

I’ll have to take back my comment from last time about the “hole joke” getting old. I still find it funny, but maybe I’m just biased because I like Ana. In any case, I think OniAi has actually been improving, so I might not have much to write here for this show.

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6 thoughts on “OniAi Weekly Update – Episode 3

  1. Making a serious comment, I thought this ep was a really good expansion on Ana, who was pretty one-dimensional in the previous eps. I think she played up the Ojou-sama role well, to the point where you really don’t know where the cutoff between her just trying to get Akito’s attention and really being unable to do something is. I mean, you know she can open the door, but then “How do you open this thing you call a cardboard box?” or how to break down a cardboard box or how to fold a shirt, where was the line between “I know how to do this and I just want your attention” and “I honestly don’t know how to do this”?

    I liked that the episode focused on just Ana and Akiko, with minor appearances by Ginbei and Arashi. It gave a lot more time for actual movement in learning about Ana and Akiko. I do worry that similar episodes featuring Gin or Arashi wouldn’t be as interesting, tho, because they seem far more flat as tropes (you can make a kuudere go anywhere, but how much can you do with the dull obsessive childhood friend?). We’ll find out next week.

    • I like to think that Ana really didn’t know how to break down the boxes and fold her clothes. Or at least, she hasn’t ever done such things by herself. So basically she did have a legitimate reason for requesting Akito’s help. It’s just she also clearly had ulterior motives.

      As for whether the Gin and Arashi episodes will be less interesting, perhaps you might be pleasantly surprised. You weren’t particularly fond of Ana at first either, so maybe things will go better than expected. I’m such an optimist.

  2. My heart is always set on the childhood friend. I want them to be happy, but they never are.
    I was ready to drop this last episode, as I found the tropes to be more cliched in the first outing. But damn, if they didn’t make it all their own and chart a new course. So, I’m with it to the end.

    I’ve said in some many blogs that I am willing to watch any rom/com anime that I come across. Chocolate Erection and Sister Troll both taught me to be more wary.

    But damn. I am heavy feels for the Ana.

    • Hmm, I really liked Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, although it definitely turned out to be not really a normal rom / com, and the ending fell a little flat, which turned it from a classic into just a pretty good show. Sister Troll was watchable, mostly, but yeah, that spinning out got old, and then it felt like they just manufactured an imouto.

      These shows this season just feel different, tho.

      I like some childhood friends, like Tamara Manami from OreImo, but Ginbei’s not doing it for me so far. Maybe I should just be patient like Sumairii recommends, since he’s right: I wasn’t a huge fan of Ana before this episode, but they made it a good one.

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