Little Busters! Weekly Update – Episode 3

I’m too sexy for my shirt.

Meet the perfect girl. She’s got the brains and she’s got the muscles. Just take a look at what we see this episode. All her tests (conveniently stacked in her desk for some reason) have scores of 100. And she even manages to “overwhelm” Masato without breaking a sweat (granted he got the short end of the stick with weapons again). Oh, and did I mention she’s got the boobs-err, I mean looks too? It felt like every single time we see her, we also get at least one shot where her boobs are the center of attention. I suppose it’s a little hard to ignore them when she’s got the collar of her shirt undone, but who am I to complain about this. More seriously though, I hope that there’s more to Yuiko than just being perfect at everything. I’m really tempted to call her a Mary Sue character, but maybe we’ll see something later on that’ll pull her back down to earth.

Moving on, it was interesting to meet someone who actually wanted to join the Little Busters without any recruiting. As the team was discussing near the beginning, most people have neither the time nor the interest to join an impromptu baseball team. I guess this means that school is so easy for Yuiko that she finds herself bored. Even so, the way she jumped on board so quickly was a little surprising to me. And with Yuiko as the newest member of the Little Busters, the gang now only needs three more members to complete the team. Well, it’s probably only two more members, since I’m fairly convinced Kengo will come around eventually. Being one of the “original” Little Busters, he just has to. As for the other two, we met Haruka this episode, and from the preview it looks like we’ll meet another girl in the next one. Most likely Haruka will join to follow Yuiko (whom she calls “Anego”), but the motivations for the new girl remain to be seen.

The OP and ED suggest that the team will have a final count of ten though, so I guess this means they’ll have more than enough members to play baseball. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it feels like Little Busters! is missing just a bit of oomph to it. The adaptation was apparently greatly anticipated for a long time, so I figured LB! would be pretty darn amazing. And I don’t mean that J.C. Staff is doing a bad job either. So far, everything looks pretty good, and I haven’t heard any complaints about glaring inconsistencies with the VN. It’s just that the story itself is a little mundane so far. Hopefully this changes and we’ll see some more engaging stuff, but for now, LB! feels a little lacking.

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4 thoughts on “Little Busters! Weekly Update – Episode 3

  1. Comparing Little Busters to Sakurasou, it really feels like JC Staff is almost scared of the huge following that LB has, and has decided to take the safe route, making sure they just follow the VN (of course, I say this without having read the VN). There’s just something missing here, an excitement, a spark. It’s almost like seeing a play that’s been going for a couple months and has a month or so run to go: the actors know everything, and while it’s not quite phoning it in, it’s not that inspired energy you get when the performers are excited. It just feels like that.

    • I have to agree, this seems lackluster compared to all the hype. I’ve not experienced the source material either.
      Too me, studios look like a revolving set of masks. A-1 did a bang up job on Magi, in both narrative and animation, but could only deliver a good story with moderately average animation on SAO/AOL; only to smash both with Shin Sekai Yori. KyoAni bascially says that they have the animation power to tell any story with Hy-ouka, and then they deliver the wild, funny, endearing show that is Chu2Koi. So why this debate with Little Busters and J.C. Staff? My best experiences with the studio is the Tsundere Queen Tryptych: Toaradora (my all time fave), Shana, and Zero. Aria was a bit of a letdown, but it had enough in it to keep my attention ( the reunion of Taiga and Ryuuji, and Kenji’s blood boiling over Aria only removing a single stocking…choice!).

      As it is, this show seems on the mediocre side. It feels like it left it’s best effort in the VN. I’ll keep watching, cause I rather like Rin.

      • My best experience with JC Staff was Toradora as well (perhaps my favorite series as well), but Shana and Zero I could only get through one season each. I just didn’t have the interest to keep going with them after that, especially after finding out where, for instance, the story for Shana was going. Aria I finished, and actually liked a bit, but it was kinda silly.

        And maybe it’s too early with Sakurasou, but I’m really hoping for some of the same sort of magic that Toradora had. It feels like it might have it, and it’s certainly not a case where it just feels great because the rest of the season is lackluster.

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