Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai Weekly Update – Episode 4

This week we learn the REAL reason that Nibutani Shinka joined the Oriental Magick and Napping Society in Summer.

Yuuta just can’t figure it out. Why would a beauty, the one the entire class’s boys are lusting after, be interested in Rikka’s silly delusional club? And why does she call it “his” club? She couldn’t be interested in what it’s actually about, could she? Or she couldn’t…. no!… be interested in him? Yuuta does let his imagination run a little wild in that direction, but realizes it’s really farfetched. Even though she has waved to him, and been nice to him other times.

But Shinka does come to the club, where Yuuta is riding herd on Rikka and Dekomori, after their attempt to ‘summon’ people leads to flour all over the place. And she does show a bit of interest, first in the magic circle, and then, when Dekomori claims the Mabioginon is missing, in the book. Yuuta tells Dekomori not to worry, he just accidentally took it home when he was cleaning (although how you ‘accidentally’ take a 3″ binder with stickers all over it home is beyond me), and that calms her down, although she wants to get it from him. Later, Shinka has to go back to cheerleading, but on her way out, she asks Yuuta if she could come over to his house on Sunday to talk. Yes!!!!

Home alone with a girl, every boy’s dream.

When she’s finally  there, and Yuuta goes to make tea, he hears a ruckus from his room, and comes in with things disheveled, but Shinka professing ignorance. So he sneaks around to the outside window, and finds her ransacking his room! As she’s about to open his old chuunibyou stuff, he finally intervenes, and she demands that he give her the Mabinogion. He finds it, but eludes her grasp and starts reading it, leading to us seeing the same reaction that Yuuta has had to reminders of the Dark Flame Master! Finally he puts Mori and Summer together and realizes that it comes up with 森夏: Shinka! Yes, Shinka was the “mage” who wrote all that stuff on the internet. But she was sure she deleted ALL of it, only to later find out that Dekomori had saved it all and printed it. So it’s now become her goal to get rid of it, once and for all.

Stop, I can’t take any more!

And she thinks she’s done so, finally eradicated that part of herself. She only joined the group to get the book, and even says she wasn’t really interested in talking to him today. Oof! Poor Yuuta. And when Rikka and Dekomori show up, and Dekomori finds out that her Mabinogion has been burned, she despairs… for all of 10 seconds, before revealing that she’s got more copies! Shinka tries to claim the name of Mori Summer, but Dekomori’s not having any of it, and walks off in triumph after Shinka fails to headbutt her into submission.

The song she sings to herself as she walks off is great.

But is this a relapse for Shinka? She tries to curse Dekomori until Yuuta points out that she’s falling back into it. And even though Yuuta tries to tell her that he understands, and brings up the Dark Flame Master, she blows him off, and calls him a loser. All she can think of is getting her writing destroyed. Rikka understands, but they figure that Shinka will have to beat Dekomori in the realm of her delusions. And when she tries, she just can’t hold out against her horrible past. Ultimately, she loses to Dekomori, and decides to stay in the club until she can get what she came for.

The show has now set up quite the interest polygon. Dekomori idolizes Rikka, Rikka has a crush on Yuuta, Yuuta has a crush on Shinka, and Shinka is trying to outwit / outdo Dekomori. And because Rikka has a crush on Yuuta, Dekomori is jealous of Yuuta, to the point of disliking him and trying to best him as much as possible. Kumin just likes being around these people she finds interesting, maybe catching a nap on the way. Now that we’ve got everyone together, what will happen? Let’s not forget that the show has “love” in the title. This isn’t just about forgetting your past indiscretions, and finding friends and hanging out. This show is about finding someone to be with.

That was quite the face heel turn, wasn’t it? Poor Yuuta’s probably got whiplash from how fast Shinka spun his feelings around, only to find that she says she’s not interested in him at all. But is that really the case? Or is she overreacting after finding out that he suffered from chuunibyou like she did? She was nice to him before the club, and definitely before finding out about Dekomori’s Mabinogion copy. Does Yuuta’s reluctant association with Rikka, and therefore with Dekomori, taint his chances with Shinka? Or is Shinka’s attitude the overreacting one of someone who’s trying to quit a behavior, much like quitting smokers become some of the most anti-smoking people there are?

She even calls him a loser.

I gotta say, some of what Shinka said to Yuuta was pretty mean. And even the whole pretense of cutesying up to him just to get an opportunity to ransack his place is a bit problematic to me. Yuuta’s the guy who understands you, Shinka. He’s not judging your past, and he’s not trying to drag you back into it. Why you gotta put him down, huh? That’s just cold.

4 thoughts on “Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai Weekly Update – Episode 4

  1. People are complex, Shinka is no exception. I see her actions and reactions as a front for a very lonely person. Where it looks like Dekomori and Rikka are un-apologetic about their own chuuni, and Yuuta is going into a steady pace of divesting himself of it, Shinka is much more desperate. I was worried since the end of last episode and going into this one. That they would make her a chuuni, that she would be Mori Summer all along, and the tropes would decay to cliche. But they cranked it up a notch with her. She parallels Yuutta in so many ways, but those lines are not going to intersect. They made her the Drama Queen Chuuni, which is endearing in it’s own way, funny as all get out, and entertaining in every way. She isn’t a safe character, she is now written quite large. And the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Which is good news for a character narrative.

    • One thing I found really interesting this episode is that while Rikka is considered pretty out there, she isn’t a caricature to the rest of the world. Dekomori is, Shinka was. But Rikka seems to have found a place where she still has actual credibility, and talks about the actual world, but in her chuunibyou way. Like when Shinka was trying to figure out how to deal with Dekomori, it was Rikka who made the points that she had ‘infinite copies’ of the Mabinogion (basically she saved the files), and that Shinka needs to prove she’s the ‘real’ Mori Summer. She talks in her code, but she’s done very well at integrating her code into the real world.

      I think you’re right that Shinka is very desperate. Yuuta just doesn’t want others to think that he still does that, but Shinka doesn’t want anyone to ever hear of “Mori Summer”. It’s that she can’t seem to handle the dual worlds. Yuuta can, but doesn’t want to, and Rikka seems to handle both. And for Dekomori, there are no dual worlds.

      • I might argue that Dekomori handles the dual worlds; how well is anyone’s guess; but you can only stay locked up in a locker for so long before your powerful imagination is only buying you….being in a locker.

  2. Well, I agree that she was mean, but that’s probably just a way to introduce her as a different character.
    I’m sure that Shinka will eventually “accept” her situation and smile together with her newfound friends.

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