Jormungand: Perfect Order Weekly Update – Episode 3

Koko says goodbye to a friend

This outing of Jormungand: Perfect Order moved at a frenetic pace. It never stopped to take a breath, pushing through its narrative. So much happened in the twenty three minutes that I don’t know really where to start. But that’s what I enjoy about this series, the unrelenting movement of the story as it tries to pack in a whole lot of action and tons of character development.

R’s character arc, which was the focus of the show since the debut, finally came to a close. Even though he was a spy, he harbored strong feelings for Koko and her compatriots. With Hex hellbent on destroying Jonah, and Bookman supporting her, R grasps at straws to come up with an excuse to save her. When he takes a bullet in the head ¬†in his final confrontation with Hex, one thing becomes apparent, he no longer was a spy. He truly cared for the white haired arms dealer and the crew that he grew to love. He becomes a lens into the true nature of Koko, a ruthless woman that is at odds with her heart of gold.

Similar to R’s fate, Operation Undershaft seems to have completely fallen appart. The two essential pieces to the plans success, Hex and R, are both destroyed. I was hoping the plan itself would get a bit more developed before it was dismantled by the story, but it seems Bookman will still be keeping tabs on Koko, one way or another. It will be interesting to see how his schemes evolve to account for his losses and how he’ll try to manipulate the arms dealer. At the end of the day, he makes an excellent antagonist, who radiates power even in defeat.

One thing we really haven’t seen this season is Koko’s dark side. When R dies, it becomes unleashed. She makes sure that Hex is killed in the worst way possible, bombed by a B-52. Koko understands Hex’s patriotism, so she uses a symbol of the nation Hex loves to annihilate her.

Honestly, it’s kind of sad to see Hex go. She was a fantastic character that had a great amount of development without much time in the spotlight. I would have loved to see her being a continuing factor in the story, as her rivalry with Koko became a bit more fleshed out. She was an excellent foil of Bookman, as her appreciation for chaos contrasted his more calculating approach.

I just wish she wasn’t¬†unceremoniously dumped at the end of the episode. She just seemed so powerless at the end as Koko stomped her into oblivion. Maybe if she went out in a blaze of glory instead of an inferno of defeat it would have been a bit more acceptable. Hopefully Koko’s next rival is someone worthy of taking up Hex’s mantle.

There was nothing really ugly about this episode except for the fight on the streets of the Czech Republic. Many soldiers’ faces were wasted by bullets.

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