K Weekly Update – Episode 4

The plot thickens! Is Shiro really who he says he is? 

The mystery in K has taken a new and interesting turn. When Shiro takes a look into his closet he finds a bloodstained shirt that triggers a flashback that was identical to the video that showed his doppelgänger shooting a young clansman. The question now, does Shiro even have an evil twin or does he suffer from a split personality? The reason this has me so intrigued is that it gives the shows a ton of options when building it’s narrative. I’m hoping it doesn’t use the supernatural route to explain this event but continue with it’s murder mystery story structure. Even though the former seems fine, the latter seems wholly more engrossing.

I won’t go as far as saying anything that annoyed me this episode is just quite ugly yet. There is still a lot of this series to go and I want to give it a fair shake. Maybe I am a bit biased by the phenomenal art but still I want to this narrative have a chance to develop and I really do want to see the revelation around the murder. But there are problems with this series that are just quite difficult to ignore.

First the comedic aspects of the show miss more often than hit. Most of these slapstick moments end up being cute rather than funny. Seeing so many of these scenes strung together in a row makes the pacing slow to snail’s crawl, as seems more preoccupied with making Neko adorable than getting it’s audience to laugh. Now there were some moments where I cracked up, but it was more from how corny the gag was rather than how clever it was.

Second, the voice acting is really starting to irk me. Shiro’s and Neko’s voices just have this nails on chalkboard quality to them. I wish there was some more nuance to their deliveries, but it usually hits the same note: annoying. This lack of subtlety plagues the rest of the seiyuu as well, but this might be a problem with the script rather than the actors themselves.

Last is the slow pacing that I mentioned earlier. The narrative never seems to be moving in any direction in particular as scenes pan out. Most of this episode was preoccupied with proving Shiro’s innocence regarding the murder. It felt as if they spent an exorbitant amount of time on this plot point, more than necessary. I wish it spent some of it to flesh out the other sub plots as well to make the world and the series much more engaging.

All of these problems can mutate from their infant stages into something much more ugly. I’m hoping this isn’t the case and that is prepping for something much bigger in the upcoming episodes. I know the voice acting has the lowest chance of improving as the series continues but I can cross my fingers can’t I?

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