OniAi Weekly Update – Episode 4 (Warning: Risque Pictures)

Ana no ana-ningyou no ana.

This episode was a bath episode, but before we get to that, we have to go through Gin and Ana. So it seems Gin is not only Akito’s childhood friend, but she’s also his best friend. And despite the few benefits that come with being this close to him, she’s trying very hard to break out of the friend position and become something more. But of course, like any good harem lead, Akito is ignorant of her attempts. While we’ve seen that Akito can be more than just a generic harem lead, it’s really unfortunate that he has to act this way towards Gin. And it’s not as if he’s avoiding her the same way he’s avoiding the other girls who are pursuing him. It looks like he’s genuinely dense when it comes to Gin’s feelings. The poor girl. I guess that means food isn’t really the way to a man’s heart after all.

Judging from the voice-over in the preview from last episode, I thought that this episode would be purely centered on Gin, with perhaps a little bit of intrusion from Akiko. I couldn’t have been more mistaken, as Ana makes yet another appearance front and center. It’s possible to complain that she’s hogging the spotlight, but I don’t particularly mind if it’s Ana. Her interactions with Akito are just too hilarious. There’s not a single thing she does or says that isn’t either suggestive, or a suggestive twisting of something Akito says. Instead of the usual “ana means hole” joke, we get something even better this week: the ana-doll. Yes, as the name suggests, the ana-doll does have a hole. For the puppeteer’s hand, that is. Not wanting to deal with her “entrapment”, Akito attempts to escape the room, but is halted when she bluntly calls him a virgin for not doing anything. And when he fires back, she acts as if he’s insulted her by calling her a virgin. There’s just no end to the girl’s deviousness. Finally, there’s the bit where she eats a banana with condensed milk, only to very purposefully “slip” on the banana peel and fall on Akito.

While it’s clear that Ana is very aggressively pursuing Akito, I’m not so sure if she’s as perverted as she seems. Sure, the things she says and does may be extremely suggestive, but she always seems to pull back the moment Akito actually does something “too close for comfort”. I mean, not too long ago she was suggesting Akito “satisfy” her at night in place of her stuffed animals, but when he simply puts a hand on her forehead to see if she has a fever, she shoots back immediately. She’s lucky he hasn’t noticed that’s all he needs to do to get away from her teasing. And to be honest, I’m glad he hasn’t realized it either, because then we wouldn’t have these hilarious exchanges. From there, the rest of the episode primarily consisted of the bath scene, which doesn’t require many words to describe. Many shots of boobs and butts were had, along with “body washing” antics. See the screenshots below for more detail.

The preview for next week is done by Arashi (whom we find out has heterochromia under her eye-patch), but as apparent from this episode, that may not mean much.

Nothing at all. This show is turning out to be surprisingly better than expected. And by expected, I mean pure fanservice.

The Screenshots

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