Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Weekly Update – Episode 5

Shizuku pushes her boundaries to be closer to Haru.

Tonari continues to walk a highly entertaining path. The show has seemingly settled into a fairly stable path of providing a good mix of humor and seriousness as Shizuku now tries to figure out how to get Haru to fall in love with her the way she loves him. However, I’m finding it hard to tell if Haru really isn’t quite in love with her that way, or if he just doesn’t know it. He actually does a very good job acting boyfriend-y, well, as much as he can, and Shizuku is actually pretty close to acting like his girlfriend. They hang out together, the walk around together, they talk to each other, they do things for each other. They just haven’t taken that seeming last step to being an admitted couple.

How trustworthy is Yuzan?

But this week threw two wrenches into the mix, and they’re both ones we’ve seen before. The first was Yuzan, who shows up at school, and when Haru bails on Shizuku to get away from him (cursing himself that he should have grabbed her, too), Yuzan commandeers her and takes her on a seemingly friendly stroll through the city. But he’s really playing her off of Haru, in that he wants something out of Haru. Apparently their dad wants Haru to come home, after he kicked Haru out of the house over 3 years ago. So Yuzan’s been sent to get him to drop out of school and come back. But what does Yuzan want? He really sends mixed messages, and when Haru finally shows up, having been goaded by a text message, Yuzan explains that dad wants him to come home, but Yuzan doesn’t want Haru at home, so he tells Shizuku to keep him in school. It seemed to me that he was saying something different before, tho.

The other wrench is the reappearance of the meganekko, Chizuru. Drafted into helping Haru see if Yuzan was still there, she continues to be completely flustered by Haru, but the signs are there that she’s got a big crush on Haru. She finally gets to thank him for coming to her rescue at the Sports Day, stammering out her gratitude, and beaming when Haru smiles at her. But what does Shizuku think of this? Does she feel threatened? Or is Chizuru really any threat to actually come forward and try to take Haru from Shizuku?

We also got some more direct development of Shizuku’s feelings for Haru. She is finally coming to the realization that she doesn’t want to lose him. She also realizes that having this group of friends is now what she expects – Haru’s randomness and presence, Natsume and Sasayan engaging each other. Even so, she asks Haru if he actually does want to go home. But he says what he wants is to be with Shizuku. They really are a couple, even if they don’t seem to realize it yet.

What exactly is he after?

Yuzan’s definitely not a guy to be trusted. I really couldn’t get a handle on what he actually wants? And part of me wonders if what he really wants is just to get between Haru and Shizuku. There’s pretty much no chance that Shizuku would fall for him, so that angle is out. And it’s not like Haru is going to listen to Yuzan about anything. But he seems like a sneaky guy, and Haru really hates him. It doesn’t seem like it’s a ‘Oh, I hate that guy’ throwaway attitude. it’s a “I completely loathe every fiber of his being.” kind of hate. ¬†What happened between them to get that opinion?

No ugly. The only possible ugly I can see in the future is if Yuzan has some nefarious goings on to put a crimp in their relationship.

And now, screenshots!

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