Extra Extra! Check Out Neon Alley!


Viz Media, one of the premier licensers of anime here in the states have released a channel on the Playstation 3. It includes a ton of great programs. You can find the press release here. But here is a small tidbit:


Neon Alley is available as an app via PlayStation3.  It is a streaming 24/7 channel (not on-demand, but programmed like a normal TV station) featuring anime, martial arts movies and more all uncut, uncensored and English-dubbed.  It’s $6.99/month, only in the U.S. and Canada (excluding Quebec).  A free one week trial is available at www.neonalley.com.  The full schedule and show list is also available at that link.


Some of the programming looks excellent such as Blue Exorcist, Tiger & Bunny and Death Note. If you’re looking for an alternative to Crunchy Roll this just might be it. The interface looks slick and easy to navigate which is a plus to say the least.

I know some of you might not like English Dubbing, but in all honesty the quality of voice work has greatly improved over the years and it should be worth checking out. Also being able to see some great anime on a giant flatscreen is a definite bonus.

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