Jormungand: Perfect Order Weekly Update – Episode 4

A visit to the other Hekmatyar.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Kasper. While he isn’t any Koko, it’s easy to taste the underlying poison in his personality. He’s a ruthless man that would do anything to destroy his opponents. While he does show some kindness to his bodyguards and Jonah, it seems to be a product of his own code of honor. He might be a monster but he’s a monster with principles. He has no reason to double cross a young child, but his cold heart can throw that child into a storage container for a few days.

I’m glad that the series finally had a brief moment of reprieve. After all the under-handed political movements, ruthless military operations and betrayal, its nice to see Jonah truly happy. The children whom he had tried to save from the military camp a few months before his service to Koko are finally living peaceful lives away from war. It’s Jormungand’s reminder to the audience that the real world does exist happily, while the arms dealers hang around behind the curtains constructing their wars.

Sadly though, there were a few things that upset me with this outing. First is the extensive flashback the repeats the same series of scenes from the last episode Kasper was in. The show should assume that people watching this episode are acquainted with the last. There was no reason to include about five to six minutes of old footage. This is space that has already been explored and doesn’t add anything new to the characters of Jonah or Kasper. Instead, the episode could have spent more time on the action, fleshing out the operation that Chiquita and crew carry out or Koko’s day out at the amusement park. Spending so much time in the past just feels like a waste.

Second, is how Operation Undershaft has become such an after thought. I’m glad that R’s death is still in the back ground, but I wish Book Man was still the primary villain in this episode. I would have liked to see how exactly the CIA mastermind would regroup his resources to accomplish his goals in controlling Koko. I said in my First Impressions that the direction of the debut episode seemed to pointing towards an epic narrative, where the white haired arms dealer actually goes on a consequential journey. Last weeks ending for this arc just felt anticlimactic.

Lastly, I can understand how the series wants to focus in and develop each member of the supporting cast but I feel like that can be done without the serialized nature of the plot. It feels slightly artificial to jump from one character to another without much rhyme or reason. I would rather have each member developed over the course of a grand overarching storyline. It’s probably too late to expect anything different from the series, but I really hope the disparate threads of this plot are woven together nicely.

Honestly the new villain doesn’t look half as menacing as Bookman. She does have the prerequisite eating quirks of enjoying fast food, but thats about it. However I won’t jump the gun on my judgment until we see more of her in action.

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