Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Weekly Update – Episode 6

Is this the start of their own magic?

The club membership has settled down, and while Shinka and Dekomori are still having their battles, everyone else is getting on with stuff. So instead of a problem for one of the club members, this week the problems come from Yuuta’s friend in class, Isshiki Makoto. His first problem is that he’s received an anonymous love letter, and the anonymous part is the problem. He can’t figure out how he should act if he doesn’t know who it is from, so he’s asking Yuuta to help him figure it out. Eventually, Shinka gets involved in trying to figure it out, and she definitely thinks it’s authentic, but she doesn’t know who it’s from either. So Makoto decides to just prepare for ALL the girls, using the secret class girl ranking notebook. The notebook he accidentally drops on the way to the train.

Makoto takes one for the team.

And of course it’s found by one of the class’s girls, leading to humiliation for all of the boys in the class. Finally, Makoto stands up and takes all of the responsibility for it, disavowing any involvement by the other boys, and offering to shave his head in punishment. And although he thinks he’ll weasel out of it, having shown that he was willing, Shinka says that that won’t cut it, and he’ll have to go through with it. Eventually, Yuuta does the deed, and Makoto is shamed in his new monk-style look.

There was a lot of fun activity all throughout the show, woven through this main story for the episode. The aforementioned Nibutani-Dekomori war is escalated, with Dekomori making a sneak attack in art class, and Shinka attempting retribution by forcing her to drink milk. But she’s thwarted by having to keep up appearances with Makoto, so Kumin drinks the milk and Dekomori gets away. These two are constantly battling, but so far the rest of the class is thinking that it’s just that Dekomori is a big fan of Shinka’s. And it really seems like despite their constant animosity towards each other, they’re getting closer in that way that ‘enemies’ do. At the end of the episode, they share a huge laugh at Makoto’s expense, his glowing pate sending them into hysterics.

Shinka can’t stand it.

Shinka’s ‘secret’ is also spreading, helped by Dekomori’s frequent attacks. Makoto finds out when he comes to talk to Yuuta, and it’s a sure thing that other people in the class are going to start putting Shinka and “Mori Summer” together the more they hear it.  Will Shinka ever be able to accept her past? It certainly doesn’t seem like the rest of the class is going to shun her, even if she acted a little odd. After all, she’d still be the prettiest girl in the class, and she still acts nice toward the rest of the class, her distrustful and angry side only coming out when the threat of ‘Mori Summer’ is present.

And make sure you don’t forget!

And we can’t forget Rikka and Yuuta this episode. Trying to get him to participate more in the club, Rikka has made shirts for them all to wear, and while Yuuta first says he’s not going to wear it, he does under his school uniform shirt. He’s also still looking out for Rikka, trying to encourage her to talk to more people at school and make more friends. She counters that she talks to the same number of people that he does, so it’s fine. He even thinks about leaving her alone, until he recalls her saying that Touka and Dekomori are the only people she really has who acknowledge her. And he’s even becoming more comfortable with her and her affectations, saying that the “Priestess” is home when Touka returns, or being her drawing partner in art class. And in the focal point of the episode for these two, Rikka holds hands with Yuuta as the train passes by, blowing past them in a gust of wind. Sure, the wind of train rolling by is not really as symbolic as Rikka makes it out to be, but this might be one of the first times that Yuuta really realizes that Rikka is a girl, with his shock at her holding his hand leaving him a bit bewildered and wondering why she did it merging with the blush and surprise at how it feels and perhaps a realization that she’s a girl he likes.

What’s the message here?

The Bad is portents about next week. Why does Touka “need” Yuuta to come on vacation with her and Rikka? It looks like it’ll be a beach episode, but is there more going on, like perhaps their parent or parents are going to be there? Or is it just because she knows Rikka will invite Dekomori and Kumin, and Touka just can’t deal with all of them? I think it’s a pretty sure bet that Yuuta will be going with Rikka instead of his family to visit his father.

Makoto’s head! Although Kumin becomes fascinated by it.

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