OniAi Weekly Update – Episode 5 (Warning: Risque Pictures)

Incest prevention calls for extreme measures.

OniAi doesn’t let up on the comedy. First, we have a brief scene in which the haremettes discuss possible nicknames for Akito. Gin opts for simply calling him “Akito”, which is find and dandy. And then Arashi takes things up a notch by declaring him her “target”. Complete with suggestive language like “devouring”, she proceeds to dub herself a “predator”, with Akito (and the other haremettes) as her “prey”. As if her intentions weren’t perfectly obvious, she even explains that she intends to “devour” her prey sexually. Truly, Arashi lives up to her name. Not to be outdone however, Ana declares that she will call Akito “darling” and “a~na~ta~” (complete with dramatic pauses). Of course, Akito shoots all of these suggestions down, and so she settles for “Aki”, which coincidentally is the name of the brother character in Akito’s incest novel. Or was it really just a coincidence?

Regardless, the show segues rather smoothly into the next segment, involving Akito’s editor Kaoruko. By pure chance, Akito “let’s it slip” that he actually moved to live with his sister, and not a brother as Kaoruko had assumed. This leads her to immediately make the (mistaken) connection that Akito could actually have feelings for his sister, and is letting them out in the form of his novel. This chain of events isn’t exactly something original, but that doesn’t detract from its hilarity at all. Being the good citizen that she is, Kaoruko makes it her mission to distract Akito from the “clutches” of his sister by flaunting her body in front of him. Her sleazy actions and words were completely cheesy and over the top, and her determination despite repeated failures and character breaks made it all the more hilarious. The whole exchange between her and Akito was just pure gold.

Rounding off the final segment of the show, Arashi makes good on her word by cornering Akito in the dormitory storeroom. And of course, Akiko of all people completes the cliched scenario by locking the storeroom door, trapping Akito with Arashi. I say it this way because that’s really how it went down; Akito desperately trying to escape while Arashi closes in on him with an ominous (to say the least) grin on her face. Quite literally, her expression was the very definition of a “rape face” if I ever saw one. The locked storeroom scenario wouldn’t be complete if someone didn’t decide to barge in and discover the two characters in a compromising position though, so OniAi gives us exactly that. And it just had to be Akiko who discovered them to top things off. I’m surprised she didn’t blow another fuse like she did when Ana demonstrated the “three second rule”.

OniAi continues to be entertaining for more reasons than just boobs, and I’m not going to complain about this. It’s just a show where you can sit back and enjoy some good laughs, with a dash of fan service to go with it all. A very liberal dash, I might add.

You might have noticed that OniAi isn’t shy about “recycling” stereotypical and “generic” ecchi situations. Is this necessarily a bad thing? Well, maybe for a more “serious” show, but OniAi definitely doesn’t fall under that category. I say, just take your laughs and your fan service, and don’t pay the lack of originality any attention. It’s not as if all of OniAi’s punch lines are borrowed from generic ecchi situations anyway.

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