Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Weekly Update – Episode 5

A perfect balance of comedic and serious elements.

Last week, it seemed as if Sakurasou had reached a pretty good conclusion. The show could have ended right there, and it wouldn’t have been strange at all. But of course, Sakurasou has barely even gotten started with the whole two cours it has to work with. And if this episode is any indication, it will continue to deliver without disappointment. With Sorata’s troubles addressed, the spotlight shifts on to Nanami. So far, we’ve only seen her fall victim to multiple misunderstandings, resulting in hilarious reactions on her part. And while this is humorous enough for us, it comes at her expense. As funny as it is when she is the butt of the jokes, I can’t help but want to root for her, even though we all know that Mashiro is the “main” girl. Perhaps it’s the fact that she tries earnestly tries so hard.

And on that note, it seems we’ve hit the next topic of focus in the show. Nanami is a girl who has had to make it on her own. Her own parents refuse to support her career choice, and she’s struggling to make ends meet financially. Truly, she is the polar opposite of Mashiro, who grew up in a life of comfort and luxury where her every need was taken care of for her. But as hard working as Nanami is, things just aren’t looking very good. So when Sorata happens to run into her, he suggests she move into Sakurasou as the rent is cheap. Though unsure at first, Nanami made up her mind quickly enough thanks to several misleading “blurts” from the half-asleep Mashiro. As terrible as it is for her to keep getting the wrong idea, Nanami’s ensuing reactions and expressions are just so funny that I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. Mashiro’s deadpan responses to Sorata’s prompts and pleads also had me chuckling, but I digress.

Upon moving in, the unfortunate Nanami is immediately beset upon by Misaki, who proceeds to expose all of her “mature” undies in front of the guys. Shrugging off the eccentricities of the Sakurasou residents, Nanami makes good on her word and takes over for Sorata on “Mashiro duty”. Despite a few initial hiccups, the two girls start getting along soon enough, and everything starts to look hunky-dory. But of course, it wouldn’t be Sakurasou if things were that easy. Even though Sorata invited her to Sakurasou to ease her burden, Nanami still ends up being overloaded and exhausted. I guess this is a testament to the piece of work that is Mashiro. Interestingly, when Sorata suggests taking over responsibility for Mashiro again, Nanami stubbornly refuses and even starts arguing with him. I’m not sure what exactly her reasoning was for refusing his offer. Was it just a sense of pride or independence in being able to handle her work load? Or was she trying to keep him away from Mashiro? I’m leaning more towards the former, as things obviously didn’t turn out very well with Sorata at the end there, but its undeniable that she wants him for herself.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Nanami, being repeatedly stubbed in her advances toward Sorata, so the focus on her this arc is a very welcome change to me. Hopefully she’ll be able to pull everything together and succeed in her audition, but we’ll have to wait until next time to find out. Ganbare, Nanami!

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