Little Busters! Weekly Update – Episode 6

An improvement.

Despite the relatively weak showing last week, I thought that the conclusion of Komari’s arc was pretty good. I think I had said a few episodes back that Komari’s excessive optimism annoyed me slightly. Now that I’ve seen how she is without her cheeriness, I must say that perhaps it’s better for everyone if she just stays cheerful. It’s just painful to watch her cry. Well, more accurately it was painful to hear her cry. Even her regular speech is easier on the ears than her wailing. So what exactly made this episode better than the last? As previously mentioned, the problem with episode 5 was that we weren’t really invested in Komari. Her breakdown didn’t feel very genuine, and in fact it seemed just a tad bit contrived. It’s like they were blatantly saying “Look, here’s a cute girl. Now watch us make her cry. You’ll feel sorry for her.”

This episode however, brought the gang back together. We’ve already seen that they’re close friends who help each other out through tough times, and this was a perfect example of such a scenario. In fact, the impact of this was greater since Komari is a new addition to the Little Busters. From the moment Riki brought Komari back to his room, and Masato considerately gave them space without asking any questions, my opinion of the show started improving. I’ll admit, the “solution” to Komari’s chronic amnesia was a little underwhelming and cheesy, but the problem itself wasn’t very well developed to begin with. The better part of the episode in my opinion was the support the rest of the Little Busters showed in helping Riki walk Komari through her troubles.

If I’m not terribly mistaken, Little Busters! is supposed to be about a group of friends and their interactions. This episode gave us precisely that. And it helped wash away the bitter taste of the less than satisfactory attempt at creating some tragic “drama”. I might even be willing to overlook that if the intent was to display the camaraderie between the Little Busters all along. It’s true that the rest of the crew didn’t directly contribute anything towards Komari’s “recovery”, but just seeing them watch over Riki in his endeavors was more than enough. Besides, it probably wouldn’t have been appropriate for them to intervene directly anyway, as Kyousuke pointed out. Hopefully we’ll see more development on the part of the characters and become more invested in them before the next big tragic hit, because that’s going to happen again, knowing Key.

While Little Busters! has been off to a bit of a shaky start, thing’s aren’t looking completely hopeless yet. I would like J.C. Staff to be able to pull this off well enough that some of the stigma associated with them will be dispelled. I’d rather have more “decent” studios than less.

Shaky beginnings. There’s still the potential for improvement though.

The Screenshots

3 thoughts on “Little Busters! Weekly Update – Episode 6

  1. I liked the way this episode brought the cast together, but the way Komari was handled just didn’t work imo. Komaris’ bits were very much cry here! This is sad right!? I can tell what they going for, but somehow they botched it. My theory is just that they rushed it too much, and didn’t give the impact of any one scene enough time to really sink in.

  2. I didn’t really like last week’s breakdown of Komari, and I didn’t really like this week’s reconstruction. I certainly seem to be more severe in my opinion of both this anime and storyline than most people are, although I’m certainly not alone in disliking Komari’s voice.

    I don’t know how much of it was rushed and how much of it was just that there really wasn’t much emotional depth to be had in this storyline. The whole thing was based on Komari’s inability to accept reality. And the information from Koujirou that she had done this any time she saw something die made it have even less impact on me. That basically every time it happened, everyone just kinda shrugged and said “oh, she’ll get better in a few weeks, she always does.” I guess one way to look at that is that it’s terrible that people just ignore her, but that’s not really the way I felt it come across.

    I was also really disappointed in the amount of cooperation that the rest of the gang put in. The only ones who did anything I’d consider as a self-sacrifice were Masato and Rin (I definitely agree with those folks who say Masato did well to take care of the cat’s body, especially in the pouring rain, and Rin gathering things against her type was nice, but completely glossed over). Kyousuke and Kengo’s efforts seemed like a complete copout to me, basically “Hey, nothing we can do, thumbs up to you!” Kurugaya did more than that, but it basically was “have some art supplies”.

    I hope the show gets better, because right now it seems really overhyped. I’ll keep admitting that I’m not familiar with Key works, so I don’t know if this was typical, or if this was just a particularly weak story (some people have said it is). If this was a weak story, that’s ok, but then why put so early when it has such an impact on the opinion of the show?

    • I’ve read a little of the visual novel, and basically all of the character’s personalities, and motivations make a lot more sense faster. In the visual novel we also get more stuff with Komari being happy, and cheerful instead of being told that she is happy, and cheerful right before watching the anime rip her apart.

      From what I have read in the visual novel her story is not ground breaking in anyway, but it is at least good. It seems to me that the anime gutted her story by turning up the pacing, and making poor directing choices. Basically they failed to cut stuff that didn’t make sense or matter in the greater context of the story, and cut stuff that reflected character building, and motivation. Practically every time I open the VN I am enlightened to a new thing the story is trying to do that is not conveyed well in the anime.

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