Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Weekly Update – Episode 6

Sometimes we just need a little recognition.

It turns out Nanami insists on doing everything herself as a result of a desire for someone to recognize her efforts. Seeing her handle so much at once, with Mashiro duty thrown on top, was clearly a formula for failure. And sure enough, come the day of her performance, Nanami crashes completely. The obvious solution to this, of course, is to rely on others. But this is where Nanami’s problems come in. As a result of her parents disapproving of her career choice, she’s had to go through life all on her own. Perhaps some of her reasoning to do everything herself is to prove to her parents that she wasn’t mistaken in wanting to be a voice actress, but most likely her primary motivation was to prove this to herself. That is, she wanted to be sure that she did in fact make the right choice, and that she’s doing the right thing. To that end, she’s just kept piling on the work and responsibilities, pushing to see how far she can get on her own.

Of course, she was bound to hit her limit eventually, and that’s exactly what happened here. The human body can only take so much abuse, after all. I think that had she truly been on her own through all this, Nanami might just have given up on trying to be a voice actress after failing spectacularly. Luckily for her though, Sorata and Mashiro were there for her in her greatest time of need, and Sorata just so happened to know exactly what to say. Good for him. Having someone reaffirm that her efforts are recognized was exactly what she needed in her broken (both mentally and physically) state. It was also very touching to see Mashiro feel guilty about being a factor that brought Nanami down. I’ve wondered if she realizes how much of a hassle she is to others before, and clearly, she does. Now she just needs to work on actually being less dependent, but I digress.

Thanks to the moral support from Sorata and Mashiro, it looks like Nanami is going to make a full recovery, and it might even be appropriate to say that she’s new and improved. It’ll definitely help her out now that she’s willing to depend on others, that’s for sure. I’m also certain that she’s going to continue pursuing her dream of becoming a voice actress, despite the debacle of the performance. I’m not sure how much of a hit one bad performance is, but there’s always next time. Hopefully her voice acting friends won’t completely abandon or scorn her after the incident either. In any case, Nanami doesn’t seem too caught up on her failure anymore. If anything, she’s more concerned about Sorata. The scene with “Torajirou” was hilarious, but unfortunately Sorata will most likely remain oblivious to her feelings despite them being so blatantly exposed. You know how it is. I’m still rooting for you though, Nanami!

Looks like we have a loli joining the Sakurasou ranks next episode. This’ll be good.


The Screenshots

3 thoughts on “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Weekly Update – Episode 6

  1. The screenshots for this show always strike me, because they highlight so well the unusual color palette Sakurasou uses. That shot of Mashiro watching over Nanami, so warm and inviting, yet not blurry or overly soft, perfectly exemplifies this. This show walks a perfect line of soft diffuse light, even washing out levels of bright light, but not overwhelming the rest of the shot composition, and never minimizing the impact of the rest of the coloring.

    • Yeah, Sakurasou has always had this warm “glow-y” effect to its visuals. It really does go along with the warm feeling you get from watching the show. I might even go so far as to contrast it with the crisp, cold, blue color palette present in K.

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