Robotics;Notes Weekly Update – Episode 6

When dreams die.

This week the robotics club formally “inducts” its two newest members. After investing all her efforts on karate only to fail, Junna decides to join the robotics club seemingly on a whim. Timid as ever, so far she appears to serve the role of that one cute, soft-spoken girl of the group. Her talk of dreams is highly reminiscent of Sorata’s troubles in Sakurasou. Or perhaps the connection is only “apparent” to me because I’m writing about both shows? It’s true that while there is talk of dreams/goals, their respective “issues” are different. Sorata had trouble finding his calling in the first place, while Junna has tried and failed at her dream. But in any case, the point is that Junna is now at a loss for what to do, much like Sorata was.1

Frau, on the other hand, is almost the opposite of Junna. Granted, she’s clearly socially withdrawn and thus suffers in terms of interpersonal interaction as a result, but it’s fairly obvious that she has a very outspoken and mischievous personality. She just has a lot of trouble getting it across, often times appearing weird or outright strange. Take her facial expressions, for instance. I’ve never seen grins appear so awkward before. And there’s also the discontinuity between her monotonous voice and the provocative things she says. I might even compare her to Ana of OniAi, except she speaks like that because she’s actually a hikikimori while Ana is just… Ana. What’s this? Two comparisons to two different shows in one post? I’m on a roll here.

Aside from the robotics club gaining new members, we also get to see some important plot development. Mizuka reveals in a brief conversation with Kai that she actually knows Airi. Or rather, she knew Airi through Misaki. I got the impression from the previous episode that Kai is the first human Airi made contact with (perhaps aside from her creator), but apparently Misaki found her before he did. I guess she’s always one step ahead of him, eh? With this revelation though, come many new questions. What’s the deal with the mysterious signal that’s being amplified in the secret room? What is the implication of Misaki’s interaction with Airi? I’m certain that this means Misaki is aware of the threat of the solar flares, but does this mean the organization she works for is trying to prevent the upcoming catastrophe? Closely investigating a boy who suffers from an illness (albeit a fascinating one) doesn’t seem to do much in the way of saving the world. Or perhaps this means Misaki is acting alone, under the cover of the organization?

Instead of writing what’s bad about the show here, this week I’ll write about what’s bad in the show.

As entertaining to watch as the two new members of the robotics club are, the “meat” of this episode was definitely the last few minutes, with the confrontation between Subaru and his father. We had already seen Subaru’s father once before, and that “introduction” didn’t particularly give off a very good vibe about him. Here, we finally get confirmation that he does in fact violently disapprove of Subaru’s hobby. Well to him it just looks like a silly hobby, but as Aki tried to get across to him, Subaru poured his heart into making his M54. At this point, I’m not sure if Subaru’s father plainly disapproves of robots outright, or merely sees it as the “obstacle” that is distracting his son from becoming a fisherman. I’m also surprised that people like him are still around in this day and age (even more so in the near future). It feels like most parents nowadays are content with letting their children choose what they want to do. I hope that in the end, he does just have Subaru’s “best interests” in mind, as opposed to simply being a totalitarian parent.

The Screenshots

1 At this point, I was sidetracked by J-List. No, it’s not what you think.

2 thoughts on “Robotics;Notes Weekly Update – Episode 6

  1. I think that Subaru’s father is just disappointed in Subaru. Note that it was stated that “Subaru had given up on his dream already,” meaning that his ‘dream’ would probably be related to robots and stuff. After giving up, he’d promised his father that he’d be a fisherman with him. And now, Subaru’s breaking the promise and trying to go for his dream again, which he had supposedly given up ages ago. Not only that, he’s not putting his full heart into it. (When he made his robot, he did, but not now) I think that Subaru’s father was disappointed in Subaru’s half-assed promises, and he just wants his son to stick to a decision. Those are just my thoughts though.

    • My thoughts on Subaru’s father were more that he was fighting to keep from being irrelevant himself. While some people want their children to grow up, exceed them, and fly on their own, some parents are more interested in replacing themselves, and that’s the impression I got from his father. That if Subaru was smart, and did something with robots and got away from fishing, it would eviscerate his father’s relevance, just a ‘mere’ fisherman, and his father was unable to accept that. I think that’s at least part of the motivation and conflict there.

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