Little Busters! Weekly Update – Episode 7

Guess who!

Moving on from the Komari arc, the gang continue their search for more members. Having recruited their two newest members, Riki is officially put in charge of recruitment. No sooner is he forced into this position than he comes across the newest potential Little Busters candidate. We’ve previously seen Haruka as a sort of supporting character who respects Yuiko, so her silly antics are nothing new. However, we do learn that she has a history of getting in trouble with the disciplinary committee. The parable of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” would have us believe that habitual liars shouldn’t trusted. But I guess that doesn’t apply when you have a gang of bro-friends to stick up to you. Granted, all the pranks Haruka has pulled have been rather minor infractions, and the “head” disciplinary committee member Kanata does act a little stuck-up.

I guess it’s appropriate to say that Kanata and Haruka are almost polar opposites. Haruka is carefree and easygoing while Kanata is uptight and stringent. Given their opposing personalities, it’s interesting that they look so similar, with their long, purple hair and hair ties. Then again, this is anime, so looks may not mean much. In any case, we see that Haruka is more than just a trickster who thinks about herself. When Kanata catches Riki with her and tells him off about the Little Busters’ “rowdiness”, she secretly repairs the desk that Masato broke as a sort of penance. It’s still hard to say how sincere she really is though, and that’s probably what the show is going after. The scene with the soft drinks calls her trustworthiness into questions, and we’re never told if she did in fact obtain them through illicit means.

I like to agree with Riki though. While Haruka may often pull pranks at the expense of others and break school rules, she hasn’t shown any malicious intent at all. It’s almost as if she’s a little kid playing tricks without thinking about the consequences. The rules are the rules though, so it’s understandable that the disciplinary committee has come to suspect her without any solid evidence. But when you use such unscrupulous reasoning to bring someone in, I’d say you’re no better than the troublemaker you’re apprehending. Luckily, it seems Kanata realized this after Riki defended Haruka. I would hope that this softens her up a little so that she doesn’t give the Little Busters much grief in the future, but with Haruka now a member of the group, I’m sure she’ll be watching them closely. I guess it all comes down to Haruka behaving herself.

Next week we have another Kud episode. Brace for engrish.

This episode was actually yet another improvement. If LB! continues to move in this direction, things might not turn out too badly.

The Screenshots

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