OniAi Weekly Update – Episode 7

Battle of the imoutos.

As expected, this episode primarily consisted of Akiko and Arisa duking it out for the “right” to be Akito’s imouto and bride. It turns out that Arisa’s claims of being Akito’s fiancee aren’t substantiated by any legal contracts or agreements, and is merely a result of her liking him (not that this would stop Akiko anyway). Akiko immediately sees her as a threat and raises a motion to get rid of her. Of course, the rest of the harem decides to make things difficult for her by agreeing that she should stay. The talk of Akito possibly being a lolicon and Gin’s ensuing attempt to draw his attention with her child-like physique were pretty funny. I almost felt sorry for her being shot down instantly, despite the obvious outcome. Ana’s “attraction” to Arisa seemed a little out of the blue, but I guess this is just a result of her love for cute things? If anything, I would have expected Arashi to be the source of the sexual harassment. Perhaps this means even Arashi has her limits to what kinds of prey she “consumes”. This is good for Arisa in any case. It certainly wouldn’t end well if Arashi started chasing her.

Her plan to evict Arisa failing, Akiko moves on to Plan B. That is, she’ll just make sure that Arisa isn’t a threat by asserting her place as Akiko’s real and only imouto, as well as his future wife. To that end, Arashi proposes that the two have a series of contests to determine just who is “fit” to be by Akito’s side. Initially overconfident about her many years of “experience” with Akito, Akiko soon finds Arisa to be a worthy adversary. That is, she’s just as childish as, if not more so than, Arisa. After clearly losing every competition via self-destruction, Akiko finally admits that Arisa won by a “narrow margin” and recognizes her as a rival. She was still steadfast on keeping Akito to herself though, so it was only a matter of time before Arisa realized the crucial point; a relationship between siblings isn’t accepted. The innocence of the question and the genuinely shocked reactions of the siblings and the harem were absolutely hilarious. I must say I can believe that they had all forgotten about the taboo behind such a relationship, despite the harem having used it against Akiko before.

Despite being “knocked out” for a few moments by the impact of Arisa’s reprimand, Akiko recovers quickly enough, all the more determined monopolize Akito. And so the two rivals spend the next few hours arguing about who loves Akito more. Well, it was more of a childish endurance contest to see who would give up saying “I love him more” first. Finding themselves evenly matched, they predictably turn to Akito for his opinion (yet another well-used scenario). Being cornered, Akito has no choice but to avoid the question by making the very political statement that he loves them equally as little sisters (you could just hear the gears grinding in his head to come up with the bullshit). Despite the implication in his statement, I like how he doesn’t say outright that he won’t love them romantically so as to avoid their wrath. This does however have the effect of uniting the two imoutos in their quest to “conquer” Akito’s heart. Akito sure going to have his hands full with two imoutos trying to catch his attention now.

Next week, we have a beach episode and promises of fan service. It’s not as if we aren’t getting plenty of fan service as it is.

There really isn’t anything bad to say.

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