Little Busters! Weekly Update – Episode 8


The Little Busters waste no time recruiting yet another new member. This time, it’s in the form of the loli-tastic Kud. Surprisingly, she may turn out to be the most competent of the group so far. Despite her childish appearance and behavior, she’s actually pretty fast. The same can’t be said for her strength though. Then again, I’d give her the benefit of the doubt as she’s often seen struggling with multiple boxes about half her height stacked together. Being the good-natured buddies that they are, Masato and Riki help her with some moving and discover that she lives alone. When Kud expresses a desire to room with someone, they make it their mission to help her find a roommate. There’s just one problem though. The semester has already started and people aren’t likely to move from their current room assignments.

The obvious solution is to find someone who also doesn’t have a roommate, and that’s exactly what the gang sets out to do. After ruling out the ever cheerful Haruka and Komari as potential candidates, they turn to Rin. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to get over her shyness and makes an escape. I can understand not wanting to talk to strangers if you’re shy, but this strikes me as just a little cold and insensitive. Would it really be that hard to room with someone who’s in your gang of buddies (albeit fresh blood)? I don’t personally have any social interaction issues, so perhaps I just don’t know how hard it is? Even so, I can’t believe that Rin would bail on Kud like that. It’s not like the poor girl is scary or hard to approach at all. In any case, the gang turns to their final female member; Yuiko. At first it seems like things might work out, but then Yuiko realizes that she would die of “hnnng” overdose with Kud constantly around. Simultaneously, Riki realizes that Kud might die from suffocation in Yuiko’s “assets”, as was demonstrated first hand.

And so with even Yuiko out of the question, the burden of being Kud’s roommate falls upon some “outsider”. As Riki consoles Kud, they happen to run into the mysterious girl with the umbrella that we’ve seen glimpses of in the past. Seizing the chance, he urges Kud to ask her. Unfortunately, she turns out to be slightly hard to approach, and eventually Kud is scared away by talk of being buried alive by her immense library of random books. Seeing as she’s in the OP and ED though, it’s probably safe to say that we’ll see this mysterious girl introduced formally eventually. And just as Kud starts getting seriously depressed about not having any potential roommates, who should step up to take the spot but the ever uptight Kanata. Despite my hopes from last episode, she does harass the Little Busters a little this episode, but seeing her comfort Kud suggests that she does have a soft side after all. Let’s hope that this eventually extends to the rest of the gang.

Next time, it looks like there’ll be a food shortage due to a sudden disappearance of lunch ladies. Let’s see what the Little Busters can whip up for a meal.

Nothing bad this week either. The show has been slowly improving for the past few episodes.

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