OniAi Weekly Update – Episode 8 (Warning: Risque Pictures)

Not even a beach episode.

The OP says “self producer”, but it feels more like Ana wants to “produce” Arisa instead. This week, the girls decide to buy themselves some swimsuits ahead of time so that they won’t be stuck with crappy “leftovers”. You know what this means. Cue the fanservice! And indeed the screen is filled with close-ups of boobs about half the episode (a quarter or so for butts, by my reckoning). Silver Link (or ATX?) really is pulling out all the stops, as they completely ditch our old friends shadow-kun and sunbeam-chan in favor of those quirky animated censor polygons ala Majikoi and Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou (and undoubtedly other shows even before those). I can already see the BD sales rising like a certain other male body part might react to such “swimsuit episodes”. Butt that’s enough cheesy innuendo. Back to the episode itself.

After much boobage and ensuing hilarity (like Arashi’s considerable assets smacking poor Gin in the face to add insult onto injury), the girls decide to have a contest to see whose swimsuit Akito likes the best. And to raise the stakes, they decide (without his permission, of course) that the winner will get to pick Akito’s swimsuit. Akito has no choice but to go along with their game, and so begins a rather entertaining sequence of haremettes trying to show their “goods” off to him. Entering Arisa’s room first, Akito is immediately overwhelmed by her literally blinding aura of innocence, courtesy of Nasuhara Industry. Moving on to Ana’s room, he finds her dressed in what can only be described as a fusion of serafuku and bikini, complete with nekomimi for some pizzazz. After a brief moment of getting trolled by her, Akito checks up on Gin, who had originally abstained from participating in the swimsuit shenanigans as a result of her petit physique. Despite accentuating her cleavage rather obviously, Akito remains oblivious as to her attempts at catching his attention until the gig is up and her pads predictably escape.

Transitioning from a rather awkward moment, Akito checks up on Arashi (knowing that it can’t possibly end well) only to get assaulted by her in her birthday suit. Oh Arashi, you never fail to up the ante. A swimsuit that only siscons can’t see? Yeah right. Making an escape to Akiko’s room, the exhausted Akito is relieved to find her in a comparatively normal swimsuit. But of course, “normal” isn’t the word that Akiko wants to hear, and she starts throwing a tantrum. As a sort of afterthought, Kaoruko also makes a random appearance in one of the unused rooms as Akito walks in on her changing. At least her “wha-?” was one of best moments of the episode though. Exhausted by all the shenanigans, Akito is unable to pick a winner, and the girls agree that he’ll just have to try all on of their swimsuit suggestions. To complete the picture of summer, the episode ends with the girls fantasizing a day at the beach by playing around in the bath. Meanwhile, Akito meets with Kaoruko to discuss his latest work, too tired to even make a tsukkomi reaction to her wearing her swimsuit at work. All in all, I’d say the (un)fortunate fellow had a very rough day.

Yes, this episode was pretty much entirely fanservice and no development, but there’s bound to be one or two such episodes in a show like this. Hopefully it’ll be back to the normal routine next time.

No plot progression this time, but I’d say the fanservice more than balances things out. And if it doesn’t do it for you, then you probably shouldn’t be watching a show like this in the first place. Aside from that, there’s nothing much seriously bad to mention. There’s a little consistency slip-up with Arashi’s eyes being both the same color here, but that’s just nitpicking. Or perhaps both her eyes are in fact supposed to the same and she was just wearing an eyepatch over a colored contact lens like Rikka?

I really put in a lot of time into the screenshots this week, especially with all the potential full-length material pans there were. Hope you enjoy the results! You know what you’re all here for anyway.

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