Speculah: Tamako Market

I’m sure news of the upcoming KyoAni anime has reached everyone’s ears by now. And I’m sure we’re all interested because it’s going to be KyoAni’s first original work. This being the case though, it leaves us with a few questions. Like, just what is Tamako Market about? After a lengthy discussion via IRC, I think we might have found the answer. Thanks to Highway for helping translate bits and pieces of the moonrunes from the images.

Title: Tamako Market

Synopsis: KyoAni’s first action anime! Tamako is a girl who owns a pet bird. But this is no ordinary bird. It can lay mochi eggs! What’s more, alien monsters are attacking and have moved in as neighbors! The only way to get rid of them? Throw mochi at them! Can Tamako and her magical bird save the world from the clutches of the evil anti-mochi monsters?

Genres: Action, Psychological, Thriller

Here are a few excerpts from the convo for your entertainment:

<+Sumairii> so all we know is
<+Sumairii> “tamako”
<+Sumairii> mochi
<+Sumairii> and a random bird
<Luxor> lol
<Luxor> it’s obvious
<+Sumairii> why’s she holding mochi like that anyway
<Luxor> she has magical birds that lay mochi eggs
<+Sumairii> i swear you only hold baseballs or softballs like that
<Luxor> and she uses them to terrorize the neighborhood by throwing them
<+Sumairii> ahaha
<+Sumairii> it’s not exactly the most comfortable way to hold something
<+Sumairii> which is why i bring it up
<+Sumairii> this is some great speculah we have tho
<Luxor> yeah
<Luxor> thanks for sharing
<+Sumairii> the bird on her head lays eggs of mochi, which she throws at neighbors
<+Sumairii> =3
<+Sumairii> i like it
<Luxor> I wonder how good a kyoani action show would look
<Highway> chuunibyou….
<+Sumairii> hehe

<+Sumairii> best we have is the combination of our ideas above
<+Sumairii> yeah
<+Sumairii> which, i think would make a great anime tbh
<+Sumairii> maybe it could even be an action anime
<Luxor> llol
<+Sumairii> given the attacking neighbors thing
<+Sumairii> or maybe
<Luxor> don’t forget psychological thriller
<Luxor> and mystery
<+Sumairii> those spheres are actually btooms
<Luxor> 😮
<+Sumairii> and everyone is psycho
<+Sumairii> and then they get shipped to an island and-
<+Sumairii> oh wait
<Luxor> or maybe we go for a saya no uta route
<+Sumairii> =O
<+Sumairii> so that cute girl in the pic
<+Sumairii> is some horrendous monstrosity
<Luxor> and everyone looks like monsters and she throws mochi at everyone
<+Sumairii> oh god the horror
<+Sumairii> or that
<Luxor> lol

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