OniAi Weekly Update – Episode 9

I gotta fever.

I’m not sure if any other show has done this to such an extent, but it feels like OniAi is able to maintain the spotlight on each heroine relatively equally even if the episode is clearly supposed to focus on one of them specifically. Granted, with the population of Akito’s harem it’s a little difficult to distribute the screen time equally, so some of the girls will inevitably be glossed over a bit. But it seems to me that OniAi is able to engage all but one or two within the same episode. And all this without making things seem fickle or confusing, or even messing up the flow of the episode. That’s pretty impressive, especially for an anime that most would simply brush off as a “generic ecchi-harem show” at first glance. Not that it isn’t an ecchi-harem. You just have to lose the negative connotation used with such language.

That said, this is a Gin episode. I don’t think she’s actually had one such episode in the past, but I could just have forgotten. Despite her tomboyish nature, we see that Gin has a very cute, “girly” side to her. I know, stereotypes abound. But how can you seriously not consider a “meowing” Gin cute? Moving on, Akito manages to catch a cold, and it’s up to the haremettes to nurse him back to health, in yet another trope-tastic turn of events. As usual, Akiko attempts to monopolize her brother all to herself, only to get immediately cock-blocked by the other girls. Arashi actually acts rather serious and responsible for once (being the student council president), and suggests that they should all work together to help Akito recover as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the girls interpret this as a declaration of a challenge to see who can nurse Akito the “best”. You already know that the poor guy is going to end up in worse condition by the time they’re done. Many hijinks were had, including Alisa’s idea of shoving a leek up Akito’s butt to help him recover, but there were also a surprising number of rather romantic and heartwarming moments.

Ana starts us off with her attempt to steal a kiss from Akito, unconvincingly disguising it as a “good luck charm”. Of course, this doesn’t go through, and we are immediately switched back to the usual comedy routine as Ana reveals a very tsundere side of her that we’ve never seen before. We always knew that she was rather bold, but this has to be the most direct approach Ana has made so far. Yes, there was the “three second rule”, but that wasn’t really sweet and was more teasing. Akiko is up next, and instead of going overboard like she usually does, she actually acts extremely sensibly. I’m running out of variations on the word “sweet” to describe her gently stroking his head in her lap. Suffice it to say that was perhaps the closest moment we’ve seen shared between the two of them yet. If Akiko were to act more like this the rest of the time, I would be willing to believe that Akito might just fall for her. Last but not least, Gin shows up only to find Akito fast asleep. Thanks to a little bit of sleepwalking and sleep-talking, she finds herself up close and personal with him, and starts to reminisce about her first memories with him.

So as you can see, the episode begins and ends with Gin, with the preview suggesting more of her to come. Yet there were plenty of other moments in which she wasn’t the center of attention. And despite the episode also having the greatest concentration of heart-warming feelings yet, the usual comedic aspect was not forgotten. Take Gin’s doppler shifted “doushiyou?!” for instance. Just the simple application of the doppler effect cracked me up. And let’s not forget about Ana’s ever amusing interactions with Akito. The girl sure is persistent. Rounding things off, the Kaoruko’s ongoing scenes were like the sprinkles on top of the ice cream. Really, OniAi has yet to fail to deliver.


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