OniAi Weekly Update – Episode 11

OniAi Weekly Update - Episode 11There’s no pan like no pan.

So what’s this week’s cliche in OniAi? If you couldn’t guess from the featured image, it’s going commando. Being as untidy as ever, Ana starts the episode off realizing she can’t find any panties to wear. Why didn’t she just wear something longer instead of a skirt then? Well for one, she was probably keeping up appearances. And she couldn’t have anticipated going on a ghost hunt before rushing down to see what had spooked Alisa, so she probably thought she could get away with it without any incident. Luckily for us (not for her), that didn’t turn out to be the case, and the gang sets off on a quest to search for the source of the disturbance in the backyard. I must say, this episode really exemplifies the beauty of OniAi. The situation is so obviously orchestrated, and we all already know what’s going to happen, yet the show manages to make it entertaining despite our anticipation.

For instance, one of the highlights of the adventure is when the gang are making their way through the field of grass and something inevitably slips under Ana’s skirt and brushes against her private areas. Her ensuing attempt to cover up her yelp with talk of sounds that virgins can’t hear was hilarious, especially when she realized that her own claim implied that she might not be a virgin and she hastily corrected any misunderstandings. And let’s not forget about the conveniently placed wall that the gang have to get over to get back home. Again, the situation is very deliberately forced, but that doesn’t take any enjoyment away from the events that unfold. I guess you can say that OniAi is very good at building anticipation and relieving the resulting tension. We all know that at some point, Ana’s cover will be blown, yet the delivery of that moment was extremely satisfying. All it took was a brief moment of silent realization, and then an immediate cut to the aftermath. I suppose it could be debated if Akito did in fact realize Ana was going commando, but I would say that was definitely the case and he just kept quiet about it.

But Ana’s lack of underwear aside, the show also takes the opportunity to throw in some character development. Ana has previously acted rather condescendingly towards Akiko, and we finally find out why. It turns out the two have known each other for quite a long time, and Ana constructed some sort of personal rivalry between the two of them because she was fascinated by Akiko. It’s also hinted that Akiko herself is ironically responsible for the student council members’ attraction to Akito. It’s only natural for them to become curious about him when they keep hearing all about him from Akiko, after all.¬†As entertaining as the gang’s little escapade was though, the final segment was probably the high point of the entire episode. From the get-go, something felt wrong about the sequence, and seeing all the girls with their babies definitely put the last nail in the coffin. But as incredulous as the events were, they still had a very strong impact. It was as if OniAi was poking fun at the “harem end” by showing us what happens after they all live “happily ever after”. Quite fitting for a show that has previously mocked well-known tropes.

Next time, we have the finale. Who will end up with Akito? In all honesty, probably no one. I don’t expect the show to seriously attempt a harem end after it seemingly made fun of it, but you never know.

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