Robotics;Notes Weekly Update – Episode 11

Picking up the pace.

It seems like only last episode, I was writing about people complaining about Robotics;Note’s slow pace. Actually it was in fact just last episode, and beyond that, people were already complaining about the pacing much earlier anyway. But fear not! As if in response to such complaints, Robotics;Notes throws us a big one this time. Frau and Kai start the episode in search of the third Kimijima report, and are faced with yet another set of seemingly random, menial tasks. I had previously wondered how some of the flags were going to work without supervision, and apparently the answer is Airi has to oversee the setting of such flags. But despite her talk of not cheating, hasn’t Kai already done that for the second report? I seem to remember him uploading a fake score for some sort of go kart arena, but I guess as long as no one knows it’s alright. In any case, the dynamic duo manage to unlock the third report after considerable time and effort, which seems to trigger another significant event that we will get to in a moment.

The report itself continues on with the conspiracy theory regarding the so-called “Committee of 300”. Apparently the predicted “end of the world” via solar flares isn’t some natural occurrence. Instead, it seems that the Committee intends to aggravate natural solar phenomena such as a sun spot to induce a series of massive solar magnetic storms that will completely decimate the surface of the planet. The resulting disaster will kill off at least five billion people, thus enabling the Committee to realize their “Human Domestication Project”. This nefarious plot, dubbed “Project Atom”, has supposedly already been set in motion since 2012, with the research and development of all necessary robotics by various companies owned by the Committee. And this is when the show hits us with the first big revelation. One of the companies involved in the plot just so happens to be the Exoskeleton that Misaki currently works for! And as previously mentioned, the unlocking of the third report seemingly coincides with the “leaking” of Gunvarrel’s last episode. It had already been hinted that the Gunvarrel anime might be somehow related to the whole plot, but I didn’t think it would be so direct. That is, the leak pretty much repeats the report word for word, only stripping relevant names and organizations. Given this, I would say that the leak is no coincidence, and was probably set up to happen whenever the third report was unlocked. And of course, this has the implication that Frau’s mother was probably in cahoots with Kimijima, or perhaps the two (and the rest of the Gunvarrel staff) were even members of the same organization that was trying to expose the Committee.

Who else, then, had knowledge of the plot? We had previously seen that Mizuka knew Kimijima, and her behavior this episode further confirms her involvement. I’m going to go ahead and guess that the “accident” that cost her use of her legs was in fact no accident. Perhaps it was an attempt on her life that went wrong, given that the Committee seems to have no qualms with forcefully silencing people (like Kimijima himself and the Kill Ballad leaderboard). And since we’re also told that Misaki knew Kimijima as well, it’s possible that she agreed to work for Exoskeleton to keep Mizuka and Aki safe. Given her apparent expertise with robots, it’s not too far-fetched that the Committee realize they could exploit her talents with a little blackmail in the form of the lives of her loved ones. Even with such an agreement in place though, the Committee would still be forced to eliminate Kai and the other members of the Robotics Club if they came to know the truth, so this would explain why Misaki and Mizuka so strongly insist Kai drop the topic and forget about everything. As nice as this theory sounds, though, there are still a few issues that need to be addressed. While the third Kimijima report mentions a “Project Atom” by name, Misaki’s supervisor mentions a “Project Mars” instead over the phone. This could just be something as minor as a simple name change or merely a different plan of action that would result in the same global disaster, but who knows? Also, I can’t really explain why the Kill Ballad leaderboard would be killed off. Supposedly they’ve been dead for several years now, but it was only this episode that Kai managed to defeat one of them, almost suggesting that the swap between man and machine only occurred recently. Or perhaps the players were computers all along, and only let Kai win this time so that they could infect Frau’s Iru-O with a mysterious virus?

Whatever the case, Kai and the gang might not be alone. The Gunvarrel leak and the solar storm counter that have Misaki’s supervisor concerned could easily have been set up by Kimijima before his death. But it’s also equally possible that others out there aware of the plot (like Frau’s mother?) decided to make their move when Kai unlocked the third report. How they could have known about it is beyond me though. There’s only so much speculah I can handle at once.

The bad here is clearly the Committee of 300. As egomaniacal as they might be, I can’t believe anyone would seriously attempt to kill off a majority of mankind just so they would be able to rule over the remaining dregs. That’s such a nonsensically dastardly plan that it even seems a little forced. Almost as if to say, “look at how evil these bastards are!”

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One thought on “Robotics;Notes Weekly Update – Episode 11

  1. Man, I totally did not put that together, that the Gunvarrel final was the same as the Kimijima report. That’s what I get for watching so tired, I guess. But now we see a big reason the finale was spiked, because if this had been seen 4 years ago, people might have had time to do something about it. But as it is now, it seems to be about 1 year before the plan is finished. And what a stupid plan. It won’t kill 5 billion people. It will kill everyone. And make earth uninhabitable. Morons.

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