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Recently, JoeAnimated wrote a post about how one might better go about tracking and reading manga. In the spirit of further making your lives possibly more convenient, I will briefly go over how to set up feeds to automatically obtain anime for you via µTorrent. I assume that the same thing can be done with various other torrent clients, but since I personally only have µTorrent, that’s all I can write about. And if someone else has just so happened to write about this exact same topic before I did, then all proper credits go to them. I can’t be bothered to research if this is the case. Just know that no malicious “copying” was intended by the writing of this post.

With the “legal” mumbo-jumbo taken care of, let’s get straight to business. Since this “guide” is written for µTorrent, you will obviously have to obtain a version of it that has feed capabilities. A quick search via Google should get you what you need. Once you have µTorrent installed and configured, we can finally get around to actually setting up feeds. I will be going over “grabbing” anime from NyaaTorrents. The process for other sites should be similar in concept, but the minor details may vary.

First, add a feed to µTorrent.

Feeds 1

The dialogue box below (or something similar) should pop up.

Feeds 2Now for perhaps the most complicated part. Assuming we are working with NyaaTorrents, the feed URL has several components that match up with options when searching on the site itself. Let’s say I want to search for Shinsekai Yori (a great show, btw). Pay attention to the site search bar’s input as well as the browser URL.

Feeds 3

Surely we can do better? The results aren’t exactly very helpful. Let’s up the ante by only searching for releases from a particular group. How about UTW? They’re a pretty reputable group. Again, eyes on the search bar and URL.

Feeds 4

Ok, that’s getting a little warmer. Now let’s further specify what kind of quality we’re looking for. Since the maximum resolution of my laptop is that weird 1366×768, I might as well go for 720p.

Feeds 5

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point by now. The search items are represented in the URL by the “&term=” portion. Now that we have that pedantic exercise out of the way, let me just cut to the chase and list the various components of the URL as well as what they represent. They’re fairly self-explanatory, to be honest.

Feeds 6

  • &cats= Search category (anime, audio, etc).
  • &filter= Search filter (to get rid of those pesky re-encodes).
  • &term= Search terms.

So if you’re searching for 720p Shinsekai Yori releases from UTW (plus filtering out other junk), you should end up with a URL that looks something like the following:


Now for the final touch. Simply replace “?page=search” with “?page=rss”, and voila! You now have your feed URL:


And since templates make everything easier, here’s one for you guys:


Notice that ‘+’ includes a term as part of your search while ‘+-‘ excludes. I suggest you include things like your group of choice, the show’s title (duh), and the quality you’re looking for. What you might want to exclude varies depending on what other stuff shows up in your search. From there, it’s just trial and error. If you do a search and see something you don’t want, simply exclude a term from that unwanted result and it won’t appear again. However, be careful not to exclude a term that also shows up in the stuff that you want, as that will obviously remove desirable items as well.

Once you have your feed URL you obviously put that in the relevant portion of the µTorrent dialogue box. Then you set the feed to automatically download items and you should be good to go. It looks something like this.Feeds 7

Hopefully this will prove to be rather handy for you guys. I know it has freed me of a good amount of time spent checking for various releases from various groups. Oh, and shout-out to Wiill for helping me figure most of this out.

2 thoughts on “Feeding uTorrent Anime

  1. You know what, after looking at this, you might be able to use Yahoo pipes to do something similar as well, across a number of different sites. I’m using pipes to for a anime blog twitter notification account, (@aniblogfeeder), and I bet I could do something similar to feed into utorrent.

    • After briefly reading about Pipes and watching the introductory video, this definitely looks like a feasible idea. I’ll give it a go and see if I can get something working.

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