Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Weekly Update – Episode 12

What is love?

I would tell you again that Sakurasou truly is a great show, but I’ve said it so many times now it would be beating the dead horse. What makes it so good? I would say it does the “heart warming” aspect very well. Sure, the cover may say “romcom”, but beyond the “simple” love and laughs, Sakurasou has the ability to deliver a very satisfying experience. The characters have unique problems we might not necessarily relate to, but the show manages to get us very strongly invested. When they feel down, we feel sorry for them. When they run into trouble, we want them to succeed. And when they manage to overcome an obstacle, whether it be external or internal, we are happy for them. It’s just that simple. But of course, executing this well isn’t exactly a walk in the park. And it is exactly this relatively difficult task that Sakurasou does well. It manages to immerse us, to get us invested. And it never fails to pull the characters through their tough times, thus giving us viewers that warm and fuzzy feeling.

As promised last time, the gang deliver their Nyaboron experience to a rather large and eager audience, drawn by the “famous” names involved in the project. Even¬†Kazuki Fujisawa himself shows up, and we see that he and Chihiro seem to be old friends. Things go off without a hitch at first, and the audience is immediately impressed by the interactive nature of the “show”. But while they are willing to wave their arms and clap their hands without hesitation, the show abruptly comes to a halt when it comes to the section Sorata proposed. Understandably, asking the audience to “shout their love” is quite a step up from mere physical interaction, and Kazuki picks up on this immediately. The solution to this problem, however, is unexpectedly simple. If the audience won’t go over the threshold on their own accord, they just need a little push. And indeed, the Sakurasou gang receive this push courtesy of Mashiro, who sees all of Sorata’s hard work coming down around him and decides to do something about it. From there, the audience picks up on the momentum and the Nyaboron experience ends as a resounding success. I’m sure this exceeded Kazuki’s expectations and impressed him enough that he’ll be willing to give Sorata another chance in the future.

Unfortunately, while Mashiro put her true feelings out on the line, the same can’t be said about Sorata, who utters kind of a half-assed line. And when Mashiro suddenly goes missing with Rita, Nanami has to step in and confront Sorata about his true feelings. The gang then rush off after Mashiro thanks to Misaki’s driving. I guess there was a point to her obtaining a license a few episodes back after all. At the airport, Sorata wastes no time telling Mashiro not to leave him, and we find out she had never planned on leaving in the first place. She was just seeing Rita off, in her typical misleading manner. And so as expected, Rita leaves for England without Mashiro. The show did try to keep us guessing as to whether Mashiro would go or not, but in my eyes the answer was fairly obvious. I’ll admit it might have been interesting for Mashiro to actually leave and for Sorata to chase after her to get her back. But that’s not what happened in any case.

So what can we take from this episode? When all is said and done, the focus was definitely on the relationships between the characters. Specifically, those of love. The issue with Jin and Misaki has been ongoing from pretty much the very beginning, and only now do they finally take a concrete step in the right direction. That “shout your love” portion of Nyaboron really did its job. Ok, so all Jin has really done is acknowledge that Fuuka is in his past and finally put the necklace he bought so many episodes ago on Misaki. But that’s probably the most intimate they’ve been in the show thus far. If not for Misaki catching Mashiro leaving, I’m sure they might have gotten a little more intimate than that, knowing the two of them. There’s also the “odd” couple of Rita and Ryuunosuke. The kiss Rita left him sure had him flustered, but I’m still not convinced Ryuunosuke is a guy. Not that this should stop them, but I guess the dragon’s ambiguous gender will be addressed later. Or maybe not at all?

New to the potential relationship scene is the Daichi and Nanami pairing. Daichi had expressed interest in Nanami in the past, but he hasn’t really ever done anything about it. Again thanks to Nyaboron, he decided to take the plunge and confess. Except, of course, it was drowned out by the rest of the audience. His confrontation with Nanami definitely had a very awkward vibe, and it feels like a poor attempt to leave Nanami with a consolation prize when she inevitably looses Sorata to Mashiro. But perhaps I shouldn’t speak to soon? Just because Daichi isn’t the main guy doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t deserve her. We just need some time for Nanami to sort out her feelings first. And finally there’s the “main” couple, Mashiro and Sorata. It’s been obvious for a while that the two like each other, but the question has always been whether they are aware of each others’ feelings. With this episode, the answer is starting to look like a “yes”. Sorata’s tight hug and emotional plea for Mashiro not to leave him¬†obviously left quite an impression on her.

What will happen to all these budding relationships? I really can’t wait for the next episode to find out more. This is of course, yet another example of how invested Sakurasou gets us.


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