Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Weekly Update – Episode 13

Love in this club.

There sure is a lot of love under the roofs of Sakurasou. Nanami finally makes her move as Mashiro starts to realize her own feelings (though she doesn’t yet understand them). If you’ve been reading my Sakurasou posts, you’ll know that I root for Nanami over Mashiro, so this is a much needed development in my eyes. For far too long has Nanami just sat on the sidelines watching Mashiro monopolize Sorata. It’s high time that she makes a big effort to catch his eyes (and hopefully keep them on her). I know people have previously complained that Nanami is highly annoying, but I actually find her endearing. The way she reverts to Kansai-ben (and the faces she makes) when she freaks out is really entertaining. And who wouldn’t love a closet pervert? Heck, just this episode she thought for a moment that she should adopt Misaki’s strategy of forcefully “conquering” the man in her heart on Christmas Eve.

As seems to be the norm however, the relationships in Sakurasou remain rocky at best. I had previously thought that Misaki and Jin would make headway in their relationship thanks to the Nyaboron event. But while it’s true that Jin seems to be more tolerant of Misaki’s efforts to “capture” him, he still pulls away from her when it matters the most. Seeing him accept a heartful (literally) bento from Misaki was a nice step forward, but he still refuses to acknowledge her confessions. If a girl confesses to you (though you may already be painfully aware of her feelings), you really shouldn’t just change the subject and ignore it. That’s just cold and irresponsible. At least give her an answer instead of leaving her hanging. I will admit that the love letter marriage registration was a little excessive on Misaki’s part, but it still stands that Jin should respond to her feelings on some level, whether it be positively or negatively. I suppose in the end his feelings of not being worthy of Misaki will have to be directly addressed before the two can finally get together.

Moving on to Mashiro and Sorata, this couple doesn’t seem to be fairing too well either. It’s been fairly obvious that the two are interested in each other, but neither seem to be aware of this. That is, until now. The previous episode marks the first time that Mashiro actually becomes conscious of the fact that she loves Sorata. However, her interpretation of this is not that of love, but rather one akin to a distraction or obsession. This is particularly evident during their confrontation near the end of the episode, when Mashiro finally blurts out what’s on her mind: Sorata. It really is unfortunately that the two of them aren’t able to connect the dots, but I guess the point is that love is never easy. Also frustrating is Sorata’s apparent relapse into feeling jealous of Mashiro and venting his frustration at her. The contents of the letter from the game competition were never explicitly stated, but it isn’t hard to realize that Sorata got rejected, hence his reaction towards Mashiro. He’s behaved similarly in the past, but this time his outburst really bothered me. Mashiro herself was already struggling to cope with her newfound feelings, yet he still took things out on her without realizing she was actually trying to do something for him. That really is quite a low blow.

I can only hope that the two will be able to comprehend their feelings next time, now that Mashiro has revealed the source of her “strange” behavior to Sorata. However, I can also see Nanami having to step in and mediate things, so to speak, before the two can finally realize what’s going on. If the latter is the case though, it would surely be a sign of Nanami letting her chance slip by, which I certainly wouldn’t want to see. Also, with the main couple taking the spotlight it looks like Jin and Misaki will be taking the backstage yet again. The issue between these two has been going on since before Mashiro and Sorata even met, but I guess the main couple takes precedence since… they’re the main couple. By the way, don’t be alarmed that I’m writing all of this in the bad section. It’s always been rather ambiguous whether “The Bad” is about the show itself or about things in the show, but in this case it’s definitely the latter.

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2 thoughts on “Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Weekly Update – Episode 13

  1. Yeah, it was frustrating how dense Sorata got in this episode. Nanami certainly figured out what was going on (and figured it out really early), but she’s not going to tell Sorata, that’s for sure. It’s also pretty poor how he takes his frustrations out on Mashiro. That was pretty low, in my opinion, but I think he still has a really hard time thinking of Mashiro as a person, and not a pet. Maybe he’ll figure that out, too, that she’s a girl, and in addition to loving him, she has her own feelings and her own problems.

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