Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Weekly Update – Episode 2

Dere levels over 9000!

Without wasting any time, Maou and Yuusha set off to realize the world of Maou’s dreams. To kick-start things, they set up shop in a little village, posing as nobility and scholars to build a reputation and influence. The issue of concealing their identities is briefly explored but apparently brushed aside quickly. Even so, you can’t help but wonder just how they’re going to go about hiding Maou’s true identity when everyone who knows her refers to her by her title: Maou. I guess they’ll just make up some other title for her? And while the situation isn’t nearly as concerning for Yuusha (ie, he won’t be killed on the spot or something), he is supposed to be out fighting demons on the front lines, so hearing his “name” mentioned is bound to raise a few eyebrows. But again, it’s likely that they’ll make up some title for him.

During their first(?) night at the village, Maou and Yuusha discover the two sisters from the previous episode hiding out in the stables. We learn that the two were serfs who decided to escape the shackles of their caste in hopes of finding a better life in the capitol. As we had seen, conditions were so bad that serfs were being killed off in the guise of containing some demonic plague so as to decrease the demand on food, as was the fate of the two sisters’ other unfortunate siblings. The Head Maid, who we meet this episode, at first appears to have a rather harsh and unforgiving worldview, threatening to report the sisters to the authorities. We soon learn however, that she was just putting on an act to get the sisters to stand up for themselves instead of running away. Her reasoning is still a little questionable if you ask me though, as I would say the sisters got lucky being discovered by Maou and Yuusha. If it were anyone else, I highly doubt they would have had the luxury of offering to work as maids to stave off being reported. Standing up for themselves in any other scenario would most likely land them back in a life of poverty as serfs.

Jumping ahead, Maou takes up a position as a sort of teacher or instructor for the village, hoping to educate the townsfolk on the economics of warfare. Her becoming the town instructor really demonstrates how easy it is to obtain prestige in such a small village. Despite only arriving recently (granted being given a rather upstanding background), she is able to gain reputation by simply teaching the son of a local noble, and now everyone wants to listen to her. But I guess this just goes back to her telling Yuusha how it’s easier to start with a small village. Most certainly, people would be more skeptical and hesitant to listen to newcomers if the two had decided to settle in a large kingdom with an already well-established leadership. The only real “authority” in the village right now is the Village Elder, and while he was purportedly stubborn at first, things seem to be going swimmingly well for Maou and Yuusha’s plans.

The village dealings aside, the relationship between the main couple is also progressing rather well. For the most part of the first episode, Yuusha steadfastly refused to become Maou’s “property”, only giving in near the end after considerable “negotiations”. Here, we see him obey Maou without question. And boy does Maou have some very dere orders in mind. Her first request for Yuusha (after “you will be mine”) is for him to rest his head in her lap, ala the infamous lap-pillow. Despite her mumbling about how it was a “traditional technique” to relieve exhaustion, her true intentions were particularly transparent. With Yuusha playing along without protest, Maou decides to push her luck by first stroking his head endearingly, and then closing in for the final blow a kiss. Well, she almost pulled it off, but the two were unfortunately interrupted by the aforementioned sisters. Unfazed by this failure, Maou attempts her dere antics again when Yuusha accompanies her to see the Village Elder. As before, she attempts to get Yuusha to take the initiative with some not so subtle hints, but has to practically outright tell him what she wants before he obliges her. This time, she gets him to hold her closely to “keep her warm” from the rain. Really, the two are perhaps the cutest couple this season.

In any case, from the preview it looks like the first of Yuusha’s company will finally confront him in the form of the female knight. She seems to have given up her knight profession and taken up position as a nun of sorts, but it could very well be a guise to locate Yuusha without letting it slip that the hero mankind was counting on has disappeared. Oh, and I’m sure we can also look forward to more of Maou and Yuusha flirting.

Maou’s plot(s) are somewhat removed from the spotlight this episode. How disappointing. What happened to all the budget dedicated to them in the premiere? Did ARMS already blow through all of it just in that one episode? I jest. Anyway, this isn’t a bad thing, but I found it rather ironic that two humans (the sisters) have to ask a demon (the Head Maid) of all people to make them human. What’s questionable, though, is why the two demons we’ve seen so far look just like humans. As far as I can tell, the only difference between them and humans is that they can allegedly use magic (like turning annoying humans into frogs). What sets them apart from the mage-girls we saw in the first episode, then?

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One thought on “Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Weekly Update – Episode 2

  1. That immediate acceptance of her lap pillow was so cute. I really like that despite his worries about what he’s supposed to do, and what he’s got the ability to do, he’s really trying with Maou, raising her spirits when she’s frustrated, accompanying her when she’s down, cuddling her when she wants it. Those scenes really felt authentic to me.

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