OreShura Weekly Update – Episode 2

Popularity 101

This second episode of OreShura is actually even better than the first in my opinion. And that’s on top of an already solid premiere (again, in my eyes). Picking up right where we left off, this episode starts with a bang with Chiwa confronting Eita and Masuzu. As she interrogates Eita about his becoming Masuzu’s boyfriend, Masuzu herself butts in and asks if she needs Chiwa’s permission to be Eita’s girlfriend. When Chiwa starts citing her childhood friend status (and spewing all sorts of embarrassing secrets), Masuzu seems to give in, and asks Chiwa for her blessing without hesitation. This leaves Chiwa speechless, and Masuzu seizes the opportunity to leave with Eita in tow. Recovering quickly however, Chiwa declares her intention to find herself a “really cool” boyfriend, almost as if to one-up Eita. I think it’s clear to all of us that she’s just doing this in an attempt to make Eita jealous so that he will pay more attention to her, but I wonder if she is doing this consciously. She isn’t exactly presented as the brightest light bulb, after all.

Unfortunately for Chiwa, Masuzu catches on, and suckers her into joining a club with the sole purpose of “enhancing” her popularity. The so-called “Society Advocating Maidenly Elegance For All Girls”1 unsurprisingly turns out to be a trap, with Masuzu taking the opportunity to mislead Chiwa into doing embarrassing things all in the name of gaining popularity. I’d previously called Masuzu the devil in disguise, and this episode truly provides a good demonstration of how evil she can be. Ok, so maybe she’s more mischievous than evil. It’s true that while her antics are certainly harmful to a degree, she doesn’t seem to harbor any malicious intent. But I digress. What’s interesting is that while it appeared Masuzu had the advantage over Chiwa in the first episode, the tables seem to have turned this time around. As an unintended consequence of ¬†“teasing” Chiwa, Masuzu discovers Eita’s dedication to his childhood friend, and perhaps starts to worry about her “position” as his girlfriend. She still claims that he is a “fake” to stave off other guys, but I think we’re starting to see signs of her showing true feelings for him. At least, she exhibits clear jealousy over how much Eita cares for Chiwa.

Speaking of Chiwa, we also get to learn more about her past courtesy of Eita. It turns out she had previously been hospitalized (as was hinted at) due to a severe back injury, and lost ability to participate in kendo competitions as a result. However, instead of becoming depressed over losing her goal in life, Chiwa continued to move forward, now with the determination to see her goals to the end. For a moment, I thought that this revelation might cause Masuzu to hesitate or at least feel sorry for the poor girl, but instead she remains unapologetically¬†steadfast in “owning” Eita. Even so, we are able to get better glimpse into the relationship between the two childhood friends. The initial impression Chiwa made during the first episode was that of a loud, annoyingly energetic brat. Now however, we know that her overly cheerful nature is a result of her wanting to do everything wholeheartedly without any regrets, which somewhat improves the image of her character. We also get to see that Eita deeply cares for her instead of just treating her like a nuisance, so I would say this episode really improved Chiwa’s prospects of “winning” Eita. We can’t count Masuzu as down for the count though, so I guess the show fully intends to live up to its title.

Just how “evil” is Masuzu, if at all? It’s really hard to place her true nature. While she isn’t above blackmailing and fooling others for her own advantage (and amusement), I get the feeling that even all of this is an act. Her “it’s¬†all a lie” line at the very end of the episode is particularly suspicious, and only serves to further hint that she may be a surprisingly complex character. Also, what’s with her apparent lack of panties? Masuzu aside, I really hope Chiwa doesn’t start seriously getting into a relationship with someone she doesn’t actually love at Masuzu’s behest. That would be a particularly rage-worthy development.

The Screenshots

1CR translates the club title as “The Club for Young Maidens to Recreate Themselves”, which is a more literal take on the name. I assume rori’s translation is a result of attempting to express a Japanese pun that is lost in translation.

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