Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next Weekly Update – Episode 2

Sena's chance destroyed

Yozora triumphs this time over Sena

The main action of this week’s episode featured the whole gang in the clubroom, once again doing the things that friends do. Rika surprises Kodaka by showing up without glasses and with a different hairstyle, making him initially wonder who the new girl is. But after learning it’s Rika, he gives his honest opinion of how she looks: right up his alley, in his wheelhouse, “middle of his strike zone”. And he blows it by saying that out loud, embarrassing Rika and incurring the wrath of Yozora, the ire of Sena, and the shame of Yukimura. Maybe one day, Kodaka will figure out why that stuff gets everyone mad at him (don’t hold your breath, tho, this is a harem anime).

Not judging a book by its cover

Trying to convince Yozora

The meat (hah!) of the fight between Yozora and Sena this week centers around Rika’s desire to watch her new anime, an adaptation of the BL game “Homo Game Club” (And I might be damned for thinking it, but I think it’s hilarious it’s actually “ho-mo-ge-bu” in romaji, not “ge-mu bu”.) Yozora can’t believe she wants to do something so shameless, but Rika convinces her that it’s edited to remove all the sex parts, and invokes the ‘don’t just a book by its cover’ value to convince her. And Kodaka, a frequent victim of such judgments because of his hair, agrees with Rika, convincing Yozora to give it a watch.

Movie Reaction

Everyone’s reactions to the movie.

And far from shameless, both Yozora and Sena are entranced and brought to tears. But Yozora is in disbelief that ‘friends’ would kiss at the end, and asks Rika why. Here’s a hint, Yozora: Don’t ask Rika anything like that. ┬áHer answer is basically that if friends are close enough, it’s only natural that they kiss and even go farther than that, “even if they’re both men”. Maybe seeing something of an opening with Kodaka, Yozora accepts this answer, and declares that she was wrong about this movie. But Sena objects, wondering how this movie was fine, but her galge are derided as gross and lewd. Yozora counters with the fact that this was a story about “the ultimate camaraderie between men”, while her games are just about “sticking it into girls”, revealing the scene on her screen of a Kobato-look-alike begging for it. And to prove the difference, Yozora challenges Sena to read out the line on the screen (and it’s definitely a lewd line, that’s for sure). Sena counters that Yozora reading a line from the movie will be just as lewd, but Yozora accepts the challenge and demolishes Sena’s argument with cool line after cool line. In response, Sena finally reads hers (over the commercial, of course). You know, when the ultra-pervy Rika thinks that it’s maybe a bit shameful, it might be, but Yozora again apologizes (two episodes in a row!) for doubting how much she loved those games, and she seems to at least accept that she does, to which Sena again runs out of the room, embarrassed.

Yozora is embarrassed for Sena

Sena doesn’t know how to handle a non-combative Yozora.

Like last week, I certainly don’t see this as a setup apology, and I think again Yozora is sincere in her apology for making Sena embarrass herself. Because it’s really obvious that Sena’s narcissism is far stronger than her sense of shame. She never wants to be wrong, and in somewhat of a reversal from the first season, where Yozora and Sena would just butt heads forever because neither would back down, Yozora is now showing a trend of backing down from Sena, of not holding that grudge. Perhaps she is trying to appear nicer to Kodaka, or perhaps she’s really hit her limit, or is trying to be a less stubborn person. I think it’s really softened her character, and even though Yozora was my favorite girl in the show in the first season, I think she’s risen more than that. Meanwhile, it seems that Sena’s bad traits have taken more of a hold, or perhaps just because they’re no longer balanced by Yozora’s equally stubborn traits, she looks much worse.

Finally a good look at Kate

I doubt many nuns have miniskirt habits

We also get introduced to a new character, “Mother” Takayama Kate, the older sister of Takayama Maria. After a nice fight between sisters, she talks to Kodaka about how much she is glad the Neighbor’s Club was able to deal with Maria, giving her both friends, older role models, and people who would stand up to her. But Kate isn’t any more ladylike than Maria, belching and even farting (a really rare occurrence in anime, that’s for sure). But she’s gonna call Kodaka ‘onii-chan’ just like Maria does, because that’s just what Kodaka needs: more girls who are crushing on him.

Yozora's really starting to feel something for Kodaka

Yozora is realizing her feelings for Kodaka

Continuing on his way to the clubroom, Yozora finds him, and in the pursuit of more things that ‘actual’ friends might do, she wants to compare test answers with him, but it doesn’t go well, as Kodaka can’t remember any of the early tests, and then on the later tests Yozora’s questions only serve to make him less confident in his answers. Then Sena shows up, and butts into their conversation with her perfect scores, finding a chance to hold something over Yozora. Yozora would rather talk to Tomo-chan, her invisible ‘air friend’ than Sena.

The last scene with comparing answers was one that really struck me. I’ve been that guy who is so desperate to prove how smart or cool or with it he is that he takes over a conversation, to the dislike of everyone else. Sena comes off pretty poorly, hounding Yozora to ask her more questions so that she can appear smart. If anyone’s not really keeping up with the idea of learning how to be friends, it’s Sena, with actions like this. Yozora really seems to have turned a corner, seemingly a lot more in tune with the mood and also the feelings of other people since she cut her hair after the fireworks debacle. Can Sena also learn to dial it back? Or will she continue to be as overbearing?

Nothing fits as ugly this week, so let’s see Rika’s twirl and Kodaka’s image of her without glasses!

Rika Flair




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