OreShura Weekly Update – Episode 3


This episode, we find out what motivates Eita in his pursuit of becoming a doctor. Now, it’s not too much of a stretch to realize after last episode that he’s doing this for Chiwa’s sake, but I’ll admit I personally didn’t make the connection. Anyway, that’s exactly why he’s trying so hard and doing his best to get into medical school. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but Eita’s dedication to his studies (as opposed to the “average” male lead with slightly below average grades) sets him apart from the herd. The revelation that he’s doing it all for Chiwa is also very sweet and touching, and I might even rank Eita as one of the best male harem protagonists out there, except it turns out something I assumed from the first episode is not actually true. Let’s continue this in the bad. Yes, it’s that bad.

Near the very end of the first episode, Eita makes a comment that really improved my image of his character; this is after he is blackmailed into serving as Masuzu’s “boyfriend”. He says, “The fact that I got a girlfriend… There’s one person who won’t let that slide.” Of course, that “person” refers to Chiwa, as there is a cut to her right as Eita says that line. This had the effect of leading me to believe that Eita is aware of Chiwa’s romantic feelings towards him, which immediately sets him apart from pretty much all generic male protagonists. If you’re at all versed with harem anime, you’ll know that the average male protagonist is an insufferable idiot who can’t seem to take a hint even if a girl pushes him down on the bed. The fact that Eita is actually savvy is a very welcome deviation from this excruciating norm. Or so I thought, because this episode clearly depicts Eita as completely oblivious of Chiwa’s feelings. So, what happened here? I highly doubt Eita hit his head and forgot everything, so it would appear that my initial impression of him from the first episode was mistaken. Now, the obvious question is, “so just what did he mean by that line?” If it’s not an indication of his awareness of Chiwa’s feelings, then what is it? I suppose it’s possible that he’s just saying she might not approve of his suddenly obtaining a random girlfriend merely as concerned friend, and not as a potential romantic partner. Knowing how he sees Chiwa as a sister, this might not be too far-fetched. And alas, with the developments of this episode, it looks to be the reality of the situation.

But that’s enough disappointment over Eita. It’s a shame that he loses this one point over the generic male protagonists, but at least he retains his hard working nature and studiousness. Yet another excruciating development this episode is Chiwa’s getting hitched with Sakagami. Since last episode, it was already clear that Masuzu was leading Chiwa down the wrong path, But I don’t think any of the SAMEFAG members expected Chiwa to actually get hitched with Sakagami. Had Masuzu fully intended this, I wouldn’t hesitate to call her a bitch, but I maintain that her SAMEFAG antics were merely to tease Chiwa for her own entertainment. Her surprise as she and Eita witnessed Chiwa’s successful “confession” indicates to me that she genuinely didn’t intend for Chiwa to go out with Sakagami. It’s also suggested from last time that she is aware of Chiwa’s feelings (and perhaps that Eita isn’t), so I think she realizes just what she’s done here and doesn’t feel good about it. Will she do anything to rectify the situation though? I highly doubt it. She may have unconsciously done something horrible to Chiwa, but I don’t think Masuzu would be willing to compromise her own position just to help the childhood friend of her fake boyfriend. Also, in this situation, I’d say the responsibility should fall on Eita to chase after Chiwa and acknowledge her feelings (assuming he’s finally realized them). That would be the standard development in such a scenario, and it would at least bring Eita back up a few points. But hey, Masuzu doing something about it instead would be a surprisingly fresh development in and of itself, so who knows?

I guess we’ll find out what happens between Chiwa and Sakagami next time. And I really hope they don’t stay together for very long. It’s also possible that Sakagami realizes Chiwa doesn’t actually like him and breaks it off while giving her a push in the right direction (which would also be another interesting), but that’s just more baseless speculah on my part.

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One thought on “OreShura Weekly Update – Episode 3

  1. Unfortunately I’m a little spoiled on what should happen with Sakagami. We’ll see how it plays out. It is a bit disappointing that Eita doesn’t get it. Can’t someone get it right from the start?

    (Actually, I think someone who did get it was Yuuki Oojima in KoiChoco with Chisato. He seemed oblivious to her feelings, but that turned out to be him actively putting her off because of the stuff with Daiki. Once she realized that, his responses to her changed.)

    I’m still not sure about OreShura. The washed out colors still make me feel like something’s wrong with the show, and significantly take away from my enjoyment. It’s also not really pulling out any emotional reaction from me, it just seems kind of blah. Maybe some of it is that it just doesn’t compare favorably to Sakurasou, a show that looks a lot like it (but a lot better), and has a similar harem theme (but again, a lot better).

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