Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next Weekly Update – Episode 4

The Black Dragon

Super Saiyan JetCoaster!

The first ‘good’ thing is that I think Yozora has finally realized at least that she and Kodaka are friends. This was hinted at two weeks ago with her look at Kodaka when asking Rika about the guys kissing in the BL anime movie they watched, and Rika explained that friends kiss. But Kodaka still doesn’t realize that the Rinjin-bu is all a group of friends, and when Sena tries to get close to Kobato using a group ticket to the theme park, Kodaka wishes he could go with friends sometime.

Do you have candy, too

Geez, Sena, do you have a van with candy, too?

Yozora, realizing they are friends, decides the whole club should go to the theme park. So off they go, and it’s a typical Rinjin-bu event. The centerpiece of the action at the theme park is the Black Dragon, a hypercoaster that they decide to go on first. With none of them having been on a roller coaster before, they don’t really quite get what it is… until they’re nearing the top of the first hill. And then the reactions are hilarious as they all realize that they’re in way over their heads. They all react to it differently: Yozora and Sena beg it to stop, and then beg Kodaka to save them, Maria and Kobato start out hating it but Maria starts to really enjoy it, Yukimura chants a sutra throughout, and Rika – paired with Kodaka – gets lost in a fujoshi fugue mashup of sex and science, leading Kodaka to declare her broken. And when it’s done, so is everyone, except Maria. The rollercoaster was hilarious as all get out, both for its lasting impact (as it becomes a Test of Courage) and the characters’ reactions to the whole experience.

But you can’t wait around doing nothing for long at the theme park, so Kobato and Kodaka go to the Iron Necromancer show… with Sena tagging along. Trying to win Kobato’s favor, Sena tries to get picked for the show, but is rejected for being Kobato’s “mom”. Neither Sena nor Kodaka can wrap their heads fully around the implications of them being considered Kobato’s parents, with Sena finally realizing that they’d need to date first. And it’s pretty obvious that she thinks this is a good step to go to.

Sena and Kodaka don't quite know what to do

Getting back to the group over lunch, Yozora and Sena step up their rivalry again, this time challenging each other to the Black Dragon. But they overdo it, and when the rest of the crew catches up to them after riding the rest of the rides, they’ve ridden Black Dragon 8 times, and are going for a 9th… when they barf all over Kodaka. So everyone heads to the bathhouse to clean up and bathe, leading to the big reveal of the episode. Yukimura continues his worship of Kodaka by washing his back, and Maria, who wanted to come in the Mens bath instead of going with the pukey girls, decides to ogle Kodaka to see what boys look like naked. After getting his towel back, Kodaka hears Maria mention that Yukimura looks different… uh oh.

Kodaka checking out Yukimura

Kodaka’s checking other guys out in the bath…

Yes, Yukimura is actually a girl whose family has convinced her that she’s a boy. But she won’t believe Kodaka that she won’t ‘grow’ a penis if she becomes manlier, so once again Kodaka has to rely on Rika to convince her (after some pretty blatant feeling up). I’ll admit that I was a bit spoiled, already knowing this about Yukimura (although it was not really a surprise for anyone else, either, given the reactions of the guys at the pool last season). But this also seems to put a wrench into some plan of Yozora’s, as she starts to mutter under her breath how nothing ever goes right? I’m wondering what the problem is? Is it the introduction of yet ANOTHER girl to be going after Kodaka? Or is it that she was hoping to kickstart some instinct of Kodaka’s by having another boy around? Hopefully we’ll get some expansion of Yozora’s worry.

Everyone's here

I’ve mentioned before that it’s bad that they don’t realize that the Rinjin-bu is actually friends. But as I read the reaction to this episode, and see what other writers have said, I start to think that maybe it’s *only* Kodaka that doesn’t realize they’re friends. Maria and Kobato are definitely getting along better, Rika is enjoying her time platonically with Kodaka, Yozora openly looks at Kodaka as a friend, and Sena is now hoping to date him. But Kodaka still doesn’t seem to acknowledge that he has friends, and he’s the only one. So the question is: Does Kodaka really think they aren’t friends? Or is he just that oblivious? And while others might think that he’s not a dense guy, I think his steadfast refusale to recognize the friendships he’s made isn’t helping my opinion of him. Is it really that he has no feelings for either Yozora or Sena? I don’t think this is true, because he goes to tremendous lengths for both of them. I think he cares about both of them. But is his oblivousness to their advances intentional? Or is it just stubborn stupidity?

They were going to go for a ninth

No, I’m not gonna have a picture of puke on my blog post…

There was some ugly puke in this episode. Well drawn, but yuck. And that it came from disheveled-looking ladies made it even worse.

Screenshot time!

2 thoughts on “Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai Next Weekly Update – Episode 4

  1. That rollercoaster gag made me laugh the hardest! Gosh. They’re all so funny. About Yukimura being a girl, well that kinda surprised me. I mean, I hope that he remains a guy and adds up to Kodaka’s harem (yeah, even though he doesn’t swing that way).

    I really love this show, a really great way to relieve some stress (especially during this time when I’m reviewing for exams).

    • Yeah, I think my favorite parts on the roller coaster were Kobato’s turnaround mid-sentence (“Come, Black Dragon, Lead me into the darkne… wait, don’t lead me anywhere!”) and Yozora’s invoking Sena’s nickname and blaming her for it. But all of it was great.

      Best of luck on your exams, and thanks for commenting!

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