Kotoura-san Weekly Update – Episode 4

Pervs of a feather

A meeting of the pervy minds.

Bad last week was that after the attack on Manabe, Haruka took it upon herself to leave and disappear without a trace. So the good this week is that a week later, the rest of the ESP Research Club is going to make Manabe continue looking for her, even though he gave up after a reasonable amount of effort – checking her stripped bare apartment, asking the teachers at the school, calling her phone. I think Manabe made a good effort, he was just thwarted by a lack of imagination, which Muroto-kun makes up for by hacking into the rail station cameras.

At Kotoura Station

Yes, that’s Kotoura Station.

So the club goes to Haruka’s hometown, where her family is apparently big shots, with the station named after them, and living in a huge mansion with her grandfather… who is a pervert, maybe to a greater degree than Manabe. But the two of them do have common ground, and that might be what makes grandfather receptive to meeting these kids who show up looking for Haruka. And while Haruka runs away when she sees them, they chase her, and she overhears Manabe’s thoughts about how he just wants to be with her, and then scares her off with his thoughts about spanking her, although she gets grabbed by Mifune, and gets a talking to. But even then she won’t come back to school with them. It’s not until Manabe chases her down outside, and then Moritani drives up and apologizes to her that she decides she’ll come back.

Asking forgiveness from Haruka

Apology accepted

A significant bit of controversy this week in the show is about the forgiveness of Moritani. Most people have the opinion that such a willingness to forgive on Haruka’s part is unrealistic, and perhaps even cheap, only done for the sake of moving the plot along, because it calls for them to make up. This is something that is frequently griped about in anime, that protagonists are far too lenient with their forgiveness to people who have wronged them. But I don’t really agree. I acknowledge that time constraints are definitely a thing: Unless it works for the show, having a long-term grudge can be boring and tedious. But on top of that, I think the circumstances here allow the apology to work, at least for Haruka. Note that Manabe isn’t really satisfied with the apology, and doesn’t get his own apology until later in the epilogue part (at the dojo where the guys all apologize, including Moritani).

Manabe gets his real apology

Everyone apologizes

But a combination of Haruka’s character traits are what I think push her to be so willing to forgive Moritani.¬†First, she is the kind of person who will blame herself for trouble first. This is what she needs to learn to stop doing so much. So if Moritani got angry at her, Haruka’s going to interpret it as her fault. So it’s easy to forgive her from that angle. Another angle is that Haruka can tell that Moritani’s apology is sincere, since she can read her mind and know that she’s not thinking something else. She also saw Moritani’s regret firsthand. And third, Haruka desperately wants to have friends. She may try to wall herself off, but that’s not what she really wants to do. She wants to be social, and have friends that will stick with her. And someone like Moritani, who has seen the best sides of Haruka, is a good candidate for that.

Manabe burns with passion

No, she doesn’t need to apologize for setting him on fire.

Another person whose ‘forgiveness’ has been questioned as too fast is Mifune Yuriko. But in her case, she hasn’t really done anything. As far as Haruka knows, Mifune has just allowed her to get hurt telling people’s fortunes. Mifune may have ulterior motives in her friendship with Haruka, and they may come through in the future to hurt her, or other people around her. But that hasn’t happened yet. And who knows, it might not happen, since Muroto seems pretty certain that Mifune doesn’t have it in her to actually exploit Haruka.

Skeevy grandfather

Haruka’s lecherous grandfather. ¬†Wow, that was skeevy. I don’t know if I fault him that much, cause guys think inappropriate thoughts, but then to compare notes with Manabe? That’s a little much. And pulling the ‘frail old man’ card to get Haruka to sit on his lap? Ehhhh, no thanks.

Screenshots from this week!

2 thoughts on “Kotoura-san Weekly Update – Episode 4

  1. I like your alternate perspective with regards to Moritani’s “apology”. I’m one of those who felt that the apology was watered down, although with regards to time constraints, I think it would have been better if she was with the club looking for her, or at least have been the one who gave the tip to Haruka’s whereabouts. I mean, that would have been more convincing. Still, Moritani being friends with Haruka is inevitable anyway, and it just happened earlier. Which is still good for me.

    And I do agree with Haruka’s ridiculously lecherous grandfather. I mean, that’s just sick – at least Manabe only does it to tease Haruka, but this old man wants some skinship with his granddaughter. Poor girl can’t just say no to her biggest benefactor, can she?

    As long as the encounter (and possibly resolution) with Haruka’s mother isn’t watered down, I’m okay with more episodes dealing with it. There’s Yuriko too, but I don’t think she’ll do something really evil.

    Ah, the agonizing wait for the next one…

    • My guess is that we’re going to find that Yuriko will *want* to really exploit Haruka, but in the end will not be able to bring herself to do it. So there will be one or more setups where things could go really bad, but her conscience will get the better of her and she’ll find a way to call it off or get Haruka out of there.

      As for Kumiko, I’m not sure where that could go. I don’t know if I’d see her coming back to exploit Haruka for money or any other reason. It could be that she’s fallen on hard times, since I’m guessing that the grandfather is Haruka’s paternal grandfather (given family name), so her financial support could have dried up when she walked out.

      And like I said, I can’t fault her grandfather for wanting some skinship. It’s more the commenting on it and comparing notes about it that pushes it farther. But even then, there’s a big difference from wanting a cute young girl to be close to you and wanting to actually do more inappropriate things.

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